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MLK Holiday is Proof the US is Closet Communist – – Henry Makow
01-20-2020, 02:42 PM,
MLK Holiday is Proof the US is Closet Communist – – Henry Makow
MLK Holiday is Proof the US is Closet Communist – – Henry Makow

They never quit because subverting you is their religion.   (left, the Jewish owned and operated NewYorker portrays paid Communist Party instigator Martin Luther King arm-in-arm with multimillionaire players protesting the plight of Black Americans.)  Today <a class="mh-excerpt-more" href="" title="MLK Holiday is Proof the US is Closet Communist – – Henry Makow">[...]</a>
01-20-2020, 10:41 PM,
RE: MLK Holiday is Proof the US is Closet Communist – – Henry Makow
[Image: 988ab35361.jpeg]

Quote:Martin Luther & Coretta King[/URL] who had accepted Mrs Kennedy's gracious invitation to dine with her and the President in her home at the White House a short time before, with Abraham Bolden who makes much of being the first black on the Secret Service Presidential Protection Detail..

Stood with shooters at the murder of President John Kennedy in Dallas TX. Nov. 22, 1963, which I say demonstrates the folly of treating blacks like human beings or trusting them in any capacity whatever, as well it remains the genesis for the warning all blacks get to be no closer than one rifle shot to me and my household at any time, yeah Andy Warhol was in on it as well.

[Image: iRFmMb.jpg]
Large File.

Quote:At plus eighteen hrs around 9:30 pm on the evening of November 23, 1963, Australian radio played a tape recording of the JFK assassination wherein Mrs Kennedy's voice was clearly heard calling "hello Coretta" followed by a volley of gunfire.

The presenter explained Coretta was the wife of one Reverend Martin Luther King, he played a slowed down version of the tape and asked listeners how many shots they could hear, he said he counted about nineteen his studio guest said she counted twenty two.

That was the only time the Luther Kings were associated with the crime until whispers were heard at the time of the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago .. although he was feted and fabulized by the same ppl who propounded the LHO lone assassin scenario there was no money the black ---- was broke.

He went to the source had roped him into the conspiracy in the first place read George HW Bush, and asked for dough to be told there was none, so he chanced his arm at blackmail presumably assuring GHWB if he was not paid everyone would get to hear about what went on in Dallas .. he laughed him off.

Where after some short time later on April 4, 1968 Luther King was shot dead by sniper fire while standing talking on the telephone on a hotel balcony in Memphis, we will say GHW Bush shot him for attempted blackmail.

That in reprisal LK's antecedents took time out at the August 1968 DNC to drop the bombshell of his and Coretta's involvement, and that the ultra police violence blamed on [URL=""]Chicago Mayor Richard Daley[/URL] that marred the 1968 DNC was to smokescreen the Dallas material.

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