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Futures Fade After Algos Sell Latest Burst Of "Trade Deal Optimism"
11-26-2019, 12:19 PM,
Futures Fade After Algos Sell Latest Burst Of "Trade Deal Optimism"
Futures Fade After Algos Sell Latest Burst Of "Trade Deal Optimism"

Is the oldest trick in the Trump market manipulation book finally coming to an end?12 hours after futures spiked by 10 points to a a new record high, after algos reacted as if stung to the following China headline:CHINA, U.S. HELD CALL TODAY; AGREED TO CONTINUE PHASE-1 TALKS... and which said that China’s Vice Premier Liu He, Robert Lighthizer and Steven Mnuchin held a phone call in which they "reached consensus on properly resolving relevant issues" and agreed to stay in contact on the remaining points for a “phase one” trade deal during a phone, yet which if one thinks about it said absolutely nothing new - the US and China agreed to continue talks to reach a deal which Trump already announced back on October 11? - futures have faded the entire move higher and as in danger of rolling over as it suddenly appears that algos are no longer responding to the daily injections of artificial "trade deal optimism."China's Global Times tweeted later that topics in the call may have included tariff removal, agricultural purchase and a possible face-to-face meeting citing experts close to trade talks. Furthermore, Global Times later reiterated that China and the US have basically reached broad consensus on a phase one trade deal including the removal of tariffs, although some differences remain over how much tariffs should be rolled back citing experts close to the talks. Yet if that is the case why did the two sides agree to continue the talks, and is this just a charade to keep stocks high, Trump happy, and China free to intervene in HK without angering the US president?"We take any positive pronouncements on a trade deal with healthy skepticism given how long this has dragged out," Rabobank strategists wrote in a note Tuesday. "It would seem that any major progress on the trade deal front will be hindered by the ongoing unrest in Hong Kong." Perhaps this skepticism is starting to rub off on the algos too?The following "flow" chart shows the most notable moments and comments in the past year of the US-China trade war, whose end continues to remain "just around the corner":Read the entire article

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