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The Wisdom of the Talmud - Jews Did 911 .. Try & Execute!
10-18-2019, 08:49 PM, (This post was last modified: 10-19-2019, 12:28 AM by Martin Timothy.)
The Wisdom of the Talmud - Jews Did 911 .. Try & Execute!
Quote:Thousands of Jews were absent from the WTC Towers Sept. 11, 2001 after warnings were distributed via text messages, by the Odigo Hebrew language messaging service and from the pulpit of New York synagogues the Friday before, who watched the immolation of their co workers on live television .. that is a good enough reason to hate Jews.

Since Jews attacked the US on 911 AntiSemitism is a patriotic duty and a moral responsibility, thus true patriots insist the Jews who perpetrated the attacks be charged and brought to trial under US Law, with every member of the political and media lobbies that support the deception, where after conviction the whole lot go to lawful execution.

[Image: 98ik.png]
18 USC Ch. 115 - Treason, Sedition & Subversive Activities.

Quote:Picture the WTC complex trials and executions are underway in response to the 911 attacks and the subsequent cover up, gallows are straining under the weight of US citizens who conspired with traitor Jews in carrying out the attacks. GWB's body is swinging beside Barak Obama's, Rummy is there dangling by his neck Giuliani is hangin' alongside, Condi has been beheaded in deference to good taste and human dignity, since oft times when a woman is hanged her guts pops out from you-know-where!

Now we have come to the Jews who were warned and saved themselves to the tune of so many thousands, in response to which I have decided mass gassing is the most humane way of exing that many. Forty bulldozers and a hundred Mack trucks are waiting their engines idling, a glass walled gas chamber has been built .. investors in put option schemes that made millions, those who received warnings from NY synagogues and the ones who distributed warnings are led inside.

Family groups have not been separated, there a few sporadic attempts at jocularity and some small amount of singing as they shuffle in, then I seal the exits like the doors to the roofs on the WTC Towers were sealed, the exhaust from the diesel engines in the trucks and bulldozers has been diverted into a header, I activate the mechanism that causes the engines to roar to life, then flick the switch that diverts the lethal fumes into the glass walled chamber and I gas the Jews.

[Image: 98is.jpg]

Quote:The ones I am gonna enjoy gassing the most will be TerrorGrüppe Kurzberg the Celebrating Jews of 911, the Jews who jumped for joy filming while Americans died choking & gasping behind locked fire doors in the upper levels of both WTC Towers, and NYPD helicopters circled overhead, who were taken into custody on the day then released without charge seventy one days later and repatriated to Israel.

On the orders of Zionist arch conspirator Michael Chertoff, then head of the Department of Homeland Security now FEMA Chief .. they and the Mossad cell that spawned them have enjoyed safe passage in Brisbane, Australia since the day of the outrage, so the Australian politicos at State and Federal level who have granted them comfort will be going down the same hole of arrest, trial and execution.

[Image: 98i1.jpg]

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