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A Bloody “Gringo” Backlash to Aztlan
08-09-2019, 11:15 AM,
A Bloody “Gringo” Backlash to Aztlan
A Bloody “Gringo” Backlash to Aztlan

<p>By Cliff Kincaid: The (Aztlan) strategy involves deliberately overwhelming the white or European-American vote at the polls.  They’re counting on a small percentage of “progressive” white voters to join their new “Rainbow Coalition.” Then, they're going to legalize every single illegal immigrant remaining in the country, which will give the Democrats tens of millions of new voters overnight, virtually assuring them of permanent one-party rule... <a class="mh-excerpt-more" href="" title="A Bloody “Gringo” Backlash to Aztlan">[Continue Reading]</a></p>
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