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Libra As A Competitor To Inflationary Central Banks
07-18-2019, 11:53 AM,
Libra As A Competitor To Inflationary Central Banks
Libra As A Competitor To Inflationary Central Banks

As an international private currency, Libra will be in competition with publicly issued currencies.It could have large and fruitful repercussions on the global monetary policy, especially with reference to those countries where central banks are still heavily subject to political influence and tend to pursue inflationary monetary policies.The introduction of the Libra project to the public has generated a lot of fuss over the consequences this cryptocurrency may have for the stability of the global financial system.At first, we need to clear the ground from the most common mistaken facts about Libra running over the news. As detailed in this white paper, Libra will be a fully backed digital currency, it will be issued solely upon demand, and its value will be given by a basket of reserves whose composition will be diversified, privileging safe assets and stable international currencies (as thoroughly described in the technical part of the white paper dedicated to the functioning of the reserve mechanism).Thus, despite the rumors, we know as a fact that Libra will not:Read the entire article

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