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Blatant Provocation, Airbus A300 Iran Air Flight 655 Shot Down July 3, 1988
06-15-2019, 11:24 PM, (This post was last modified: 06-15-2019, 11:32 PM by Martin Timothy.)
Blatant Provocation, Airbus A300 Iran Air Flight 655 Shot Down July 3, 1988
[Image: 87zr.jpg]

Quote:Iran Air flight 655 was shot down by a US navy missile on July 3, 1988 after [allegedly] being incorrectly identified as a threat.

[Image: 87zw.jpg]
IranAir Flight 655.

Quote:The Airbus A300B2 operated by Iran Air as IR655 was en route from Bandar Abbas, Iran, to Dubai when it was destroyed by the US Navy's guided missile cruiser USS Vincennes killing all 290 passengers and crew aboard making it the seventh deadliest airliner crash ever.

The incident had the highest death toll of any aviation incident in the Indian Ocean and the highest death toll of any incident involving an Airbus A300 anywhere in the world, Vincennes was inside Iranian territorial waters in the Straits of Hormuz at the time of the attack, IR655 was within Iranian airspace.

[Image: 87zp.jpg]
The "Forgotten" US Shootdown of Iranian Airliner Flight 655*.

Quote:There was no "exchange of fire," the Vincennes had illegally entered Iranian waters in a clear attempt to provoke a response by Iranian fast patrol boats. Since it is clear that the commander of the Vincennes would not have done this on his own, it is inescapable that he must have done so under orders.

This tells us with certainty that US was attempting to generate a hostile Iranian response, which could then serve as an excuse -- a phonied-up casus belli -- for the US to take a more active and effective and destructive role -- on the Iraqi side -- in the Iran-Iraq war.

While the Zionist MSM carefully spins the fictional tale of mutual belligerence resulting in a tragic accident, the uncomplicated truth is that in the heat of their guilty minded criminality, aggressively invading Iranian territory looking for something to shoot at, the US sought to provoke an Iranian response and "saw what they wanted to see" in a plane load of innocents.

The continuing erasure of truth follows in a long and dismal, lazy, jingoistic tradition of propaganda masquerading as journalism. Jeff_Davis @

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