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President Threatens Border Closure Next Week
03-29-2019, 11:29 PM,
President Threatens Border Closure Next Week
President Threatens Border Closure Next Week

<div class="field field--name-field-image field--type-image field--label-hidden"><a href="/news/president-threatens-border-closure-next-week"><img class="image-style--medium img" typeof="foaf:Image" src="" alt=""></a></div><div class="field field--name-field-timestamp field--type-datestamp field--label-hidden"><time datetime="2019-03-29T16:40:58-04:00"><b>Fri,</b> <span class="uppercase"><b>Mar</b></span> 29<sup>th</sup> 2019 @ <b>4:40</b> pm EDT</time></div><p>President Trump today tweeted that he will close the Mexican border or parts of it next week if Mexico “doesn’t immediately stop all illegal immigration coming into the United States.” This is the latest in a series of closure threats over the last six months. The president has repeatedly asked Congress for help in stemming the border crisis, It has not been forthcoming so he is considering other options.</p>

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