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US House Quietly Passes AntiSemitism Amendment - Jews did 911
02-13-2019, 09:55 PM, (This post was last modified: 02-13-2019, 10:08 PM by Martin Timothy.)
US House Quietly Passes AntiSemitism Amendment - Jews did 911
[Image: 79sm.jpg] Whoever owing allegiance to the United States levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere is guilty of treason and shall suffer death. 18 USC Ch. 115, §2381

Quote:Since Jews attacked the US on 911 AntiSemitism is a patriotic duty and a moral responsibility, thus true patriots insist the Jews who perpetrated the attacks be charged and brought to trial under the above statute, where after a jury conviction they suffer lawful execution.

[Image: 79sr.jpg]

With every member of the political, law enforcement and news dissemination hierarchies that spurn the evidence, and will have it the attacks were by mad Arabs with boxcutters .. that means DT as well.

Quote:The Holocaust was an inside job Adolf Hitler and all of the top Nazis were Jews, Jews infiltrated German politics then perped the Holocaust in the name of the German ppl, like they infiltrated US politics perped 911 then established the bogus War on Terror, like they infiltrated Turkish politics then perpetrated the Armenian Genocide.

Jews should be prepared for the retribution demanded by their guilt for the outrageous attacks of 911, no less than for the illegal War on Terror they are waging in the name of the United States, while the sheer volume of Jews destined for trial and execution portends the first mass gassing of Jews since 1945.

[Image: 39c.gif]

[size=14px]Jews Scream AntiSemitism in Malaysia - Sept. 11, 2001 Jews were hoppin' about in glee filming the destruction of the WTC Twin Towers wherein thousands of Americans died choking and gasping trapped behind locked fire doors .. I wanna hop about when they die choking and gasping in the gas chamber

South African Jews Howl AntiSemitism - I became an AntiSemite in earnest upon learning of Adolf Hitler's Jewish roots then finding the 911 attacks were the work of Jews, that the 1917 Russian Revolution and subsequent White Genocide were Zionist plots and that Jews are the major sponsors of abortion

French Jews Squawk AntiSemitism - Thousands of Jews who wished their co workers at the WTC a fine and friendly farewell Monday Sept. 10, 2001, stayed away the next day aware the attacks were to occur and watched their immolation live on television, that is a good enough reason to hate Jews

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