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How To Pay For All That 'Free' Stuff? Tax Porn!
01-22-2019, 07:23 PM,
How To Pay For All That 'Free' Stuff? Tax Porn!
How To Pay For All That 'Free' Stuff? Tax Porn!

<p><a href=""><em>Authored by Kurt Nimmo,</em></a></p>

<p><em><strong>An Arizona Republican thinks she can get Trump’s wall built by imposing a tax on folks who look at porn on the web. </strong></em></p>

<p><a data-image-external-href="" data-image-href="/s3/files/inline-images/2019-01-22_10-49-47.jpg?itok=lMwMcMBa" data-link-option="0" href=""><img data-entity-type="file" data-entity-uuid="327a94cb-3a61-473b-aa5c-3443866c7c10" data-responsive-image-style="inline_images" height="289" width="500" srcset=" 1x" src="" alt="" typeof="foaf:Image" /></a></p>

<p><a href="">AZCentral</a> reports:</p>

<p>Republican state Rep. Gail Griffin, R-Hereford, wants to charge you $20 to look at pornography on the internet.</p>

<p>House Bill 2444 would require companies that make or sell electronic devices in Arizona to install software that blocks porn.</p>

<p>To remove the block, all you’d have to do is prove you are 18 and plunk down $20, payable to the Arizona Commerce Authority.</p>

<p>The money would go into a newly created account called the John McCain Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation Fund, with the proceeds to be used for one of 10 things.  </p>

<p><strong>Don’t be fooled by the title. The legislation is merely another revenue generation scam by the state. It has nothing to do with human trafficking or child exploitation. </strong></p>

<p>But wait a minute. Maybe AOC (socialist darling Alexandria Occasion-Cortez) should propose a similar idea to pay for her list of free goodies, including the budget-busting idea everybody should be on Medicare and college should be free (an idea that will certainly rile up the loan sharks feeding off student loans). </p>

<p>Despite her inability to grasp simple economic concepts - seemingly a common problem among the Millennial Generation - AOC might embrace the concept of heavily taxing folks for what they view in the privacy of their own homes. <strong>In fact, it can fit comfortably within the context of the Me Too movement. All aspects of “toxic masculinity” are to be eradicated. </strong></p>

<p><a data-image-external-href="" data-image-href="/s3/files/inline-images/Curt_cIXgAAWNMQ.jpg?itok=fDMzJyvY" data-link-option="0" href=""><img data-entity-type="file" data-entity-uuid="c56cda4a-ecc2-4891-a9ee-83335c68cecf" data-responsive-image-style="inline_images" height="309" width="500" srcset=" 1x" src="" alt="" typeof="foaf:Image" /></a></p>

<p><u><strong>By why stop at porn?</strong></u></p>

<p>Billionaire <a href="">Michael Bloomberg</a>, the former mayor of New York, blazed a path with his sugary drink tax. Last year, he put together a task force to look at expanding revenue generation by taxing all manner of unhealthy “lifestyle choices,” including the use of tobacco and alcohol. </p>

<p><strong>AOC is apparently oblivious to the fact no number of new taxes, including her proposed 70 percent tax rate on millionaires, will satiate the desire for “free things” which are, of course, not free.</strong> Billionaires, however, are smart—they invariably come up with ways to avoid the long reach of the tax man, thus leaving the monetary burden to you and me, the little people. </p>

<p>Maybe I’m not giving this lady a fair shake. It’s possible she realizes no amount of taxation - short of total confiscation of all wealth by the state - will pay for the list of<strong> free things she promises habitually gullible citizens. </strong></p>

<p>It’s possible she understands the only way to pay for free things is to borrow the money and play a few ledger book tricks at the Federal Reserve.</p>

<p><strong>Far too many Americans are oblivious to a massive debt picking up steam like a runaway train descending a 45 degree trajectory. </strong>AOC’s supporters - mostly of the clueless socialist stripe - are milling about on the tracks. They are deaf, blind, and dumb to the impending disaster. </p>

<p>After the smashup, they’ll be out for blood.</p><img src="" height="1" width="1" alt=""/>

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