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Hating America is the New Normal
12-05-2018, 02:43 AM,
Hating America is the New Normal
Hating America is the New Normal

Hating America is the New Normal

Long since the country entered the 20th Century, the United States accelerated into a self- revulsion towards the institutions, heritage and cultural mores that founded the original Republic. Gradually this abhorrence intensified and grew over the years as the elites of the eras feared the prosperity of the common man and the apparatchiks sought to attain dominant political power. In both cases, the use of language to either praise or condemn the country developed into a religious experience or a cult status. When a belief in a spiritual creed is replaced with a secular ideology, the fear of righteous retribution wanes. Thus, hating a selective history of our country becomes a voyage to purge any accounts that conflict with the new age social order that the Utopians profess. <br><br><img src=";;_nc_hash=AQC5cq6LsQR4W1Jo"><br>Utopia, Dystopia, Millennials, Artificial Intelligence, Robots, Digital Age, End of World, BATR, BREAKING ALL THE RULES, SARTRE
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