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The Last Moderate?
07-03-2018, 06:00 AM,
The Last Moderate?
The Last Moderate?

'He was the last in a line of Republican-appointed justices who moderated some of the reactionary tendencies on the court, which has now had a majority of Republican appointees for nearly half a century. All of those justices were confirmed in the days before ultraconservative activists hijacked the nomination process and ensured that only faithful right-wing ideologues would get a nod.' * * * That's how the New York Times sums up Justice Anthony Kennedy as the battle begins over his successor. It neglects to mention that it's the seat on the high bench for which President Reagan originally nominated Judge Robert Bork. Then again, too, that was before ultra-liberal Democrats hijacked the nomination process, derailing not only Judge Bork but also Judge Douglas Ginsburg. Reagan finally put up Justice Kennedy, who was confirmed 97 to zero.

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