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JFK - LHO Innocent, MLK & Wife and Andy Warhol Guilty!
11-23-2013, 06:01 AM,
JFK - LHO Innocent, MLK & Wife and Andy Warhol Guilty!
[Image: 89b43b0d976c.png] Large File

Quote:Lee Harvey Oswald was blamed for killing President Kennedy, and Dallas Police Officer JD Tippit a couple miles away around forty minutes later, despite photos show him at the doorway of the Texas School Book Depository, when the shots were fired in the first instance, and when the three tramps were marched by hours later.

[Image: ea72703c8ebd.jpg]

Quote:The area behind the picket fence left screen of the Moorman photo, shows the Martin Luther Kings and Afro Secret Serviceman Abraham Bolden, spectators as E Howard Hunt and others fire on the President!

[Image: 2fffbfc23129.jpg] .. Large File

Quote:The “Badgeman” enhancement of the Moorman shot showing the corner of the rotunda wall, has Dallas Cop Joe Smith firing, in company with Gordon H Arnold, Andy Warhol and deaf mute Ed Hoffman & his wife.

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