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Lucie Nejezchlebová aka Lola Myluv - Horoscope
11-16-2013, 09:17 PM, (This post was last modified: 07-10-2014, 08:19 PM by Martin Timothy.)
Lucie Nejezchlebová aka Lola Myluv - Horoscope
[Image: a91474fb0e8b.png]  

This lady is a child of the quadruple conjunction Neptune, Saturn, Uranus and Mars of 1988!

[Image: 5fd764709791.gif]

Quote:It is an extremely powerful chart dominated by Pluto's position at 12° 35" Scorpio the sign if its rulership, and Saturn's overwhelmingly powerful placement in the first degree of its own sign Capricorn, no oppositions, means she is free from criticisms leveled by less enthusiastic and disapproving elements, who perceive her activities from afar.

That there are no planets in the hemisphere between Jupiter in Aries and Pluto in Scorpio, whereas in classical astrology asteroids are omitted to avoid clutter, means all activities and subjects portended by those houses and signs is absorbed only thru secondary relationships, ie dispositors!

Neptune became empowered when the Sun entered its sign Pisces at the moment of her birth, lessening the thrall Saturn acquired over that planet when it ingressed into Capricorn five days earlier. Despite it remains on Saturn's terms, it brings independent means and causes constant rebellion against the Saturnine presence, that insists she be part of the fold

Uranus which has its own power base guaranteed by the placement of Mercury in its sign Aquarius, is similarly on Saturn's terms in the first degree of Capricorn, Mars in Sagittarius the sign of Jupiter's rulership, in mutual reception with Jupiter conjunct Venus in Mars' sign Aries, super powers her 'scope .. means we are dealing with a super powered woman!

[Image: 7d1178e124a9.jpg]

Quote:Lucie Nejezchlebová's Pisces Moon guarantees a compassionate and caring nature, that it is is hard square aspect to the Mars, Uranus, Saturn conjunction portends less happy relationships with the opposite sex, the wider square aspect with Neptune, similarly on Saturn's terms in Capricorn, means treacherous Neptunian assets will "put the boot in," when the same inevitable tensions arise!

Mercury in Aquarius inclines the nature toward more elevated thought patterns, and provides a stable emotional environment that compliments her Pisces Sun, as well it sees humanity as a whole neither despising other's aspirations, nor sacrificing her own principles for worldly favor.

Venus in Aries provides an extremely vibrant, warm, and active nature that falls in love "at the drop of a hat," the conjunction with Jupiter amplifies the situ exponentially, while Mars the natural ruler of the sign Aries in conjunction with three other super powered stars on the day's midheaven, blows it outta sight .. it would be difficult to imagine a more beautiful soul.

[Image: a65c978a6a2e.jpg]

Quote:The Sun and Moon in Pisces located between two very favorably inclined planets Mercury in Aquarius and Venus in Aries, that forms a perfectly symmetrical stellium dominating the Aquaruis / Aries quadrant, has bestowed upon her unearthly beauty, and provides a degree of protection against the hostile potential of the quadruple conjunction!

The Jupiter in Aries figure is a great hulking brute who guards her back, while the Pluto in Scorpio placement alone in great power adds a degree of sexuality to the whole.

[Image: ff212e4d48f7.jpg]
Lucie Nejezchlebová / Dido Angel / Lola Myluv / Lara / Kira
04-25-2014, 05:11 AM,
RE: Lucie Nejezchlebová aka Lola Myluv - Horoscope
[Image: 02910ec21eb8.png] .. Large File

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