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A Suggestion for Traffic Congestion
03-23-2018, 08:16 PM,
A Suggestion for Traffic Congestion
A Suggestion for Traffic Congestion

<div class="field field--name-field-timestamp field--type-datestamp field--label-hidden"><time datetime="2018-03-23T16:49:22-04:00"><b>Fri,</b> <span class="uppercase"><b>Mar</b></span> 23<sup>rd</sup> 2018 @ <b>4:49</b> pm EDT</time>&nbsp; <i class="text-black">by</i>&nbsp; <span class="username" xml:lang="" about="/account/208462" typeof="sioc:UserAccount" property="foaf:name" datatype="">Van Esser</span></div><p>Last week, snow hit the Washington, D.C. area and commuters received a treat. I’m not talking about the beautiful white landscape, although that certainly was there. I mean that commuters, when the federal government shut down, got to experience what driving would be like if area population was dramatically smaller. That's a rare treat, indeed, in an area where population is booming, driven by immigration.</p>

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