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Let the government shut down!
04-04-2011, 08:15 AM,
Let the government shut down!

The liberal messaging has started in the drive by media. First the messaging was that the Tea Party was extreme. Then the message became the Tea Party is fading to irrelevance (Yes, GOP. Just vote with those nice liberals so you can abandon everything you claim to believe in and can destroy your base at the same time).

Now the messaging has changed to the end of the world, as we know it. One of Gannett’s newspapers breathlessly reported that a failure to reach a budget deal would cost jobs. The story said that some federal employees would be furloughed and others would work but it was “unclear” if they would be paid. Translation: We can’t really say they won’t get paid so we will simply say something that makes no sense. Does anyone wonder why Gannett is tanking?

Unfortunately for America, the House GOP leadership, under their newly minted white flag logo is likely to cave sometime before Friday’s deadline. Boehner, who was in DC during the last shut down, probably still has nightmares over this.

For Boehner and the House leadership, the objective is to reach a deal. The objective is not to cut spending, only to reach a deal. That is the problem with DC. They have no clue as to what it is like for real Americans.

Real Americans are facing the prospect of $4 a gallon gas. Obama and his team of retread Marxists want that for America. Boehner and the clueless GOP just sit there with a glazed over look on their faces. Real Americans are facing higher prices, unemployment and losing their homes. The House GOP leadership only seems concerned about spring break and making their tee times.

Someone needs to remind the GOP why they are there. We know the Democrats want to destroy the economy. Avowed socialists now control that entire party. They want to destroy the free market economy, because only then can they impose socialism on America. Real Americans do not want socialism. We want liberty and freedom and we want to be represented by people who are serious about trying to maintain our liberty and freedom.

Yesterday, Paul Ryan rolled out a plan to cut $4 trillion from the budget. On the surface, that might sound good; however, as we pointed out yesterday, it is pretty much a joke, as it still allows the national debt to swell to $28 trillion by 2021.

The good news for America is that if Boehner, Cantor and company do not step up, act like they have some principles and start fighting the battle the American people put them in office to fight, they will be replaced.

There are currently some very specific plans by some very serious people to make sure that both Boehner and Cantor not only have primary opposition in the next election but to also make certain they lose their next primary.

Boehner and Cantor can get serious and start cutting hundreds of billions or even a trillion from the budget or face the electoral consequences.

The message from the Tea Party is simple. Get serious or get another job.

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