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Ex ;) CIA op Robert Steele, "The Official Las Vegas Massacre Narrative is a Lie!"
10-09-2017, 03:07 AM, (This post was last modified: 10-09-2017, 03:44 AM by Martin Timothy.)
Ex ;) CIA op Robert Steele, "The Official Las Vegas Massacre Narrative is a Lie!"
[Image: 1khj.jpg]

Quote:Robert Steele says the entire official Las Vegas Massacre narrative is a lie and that it was "absolutely a FEMA sponsored False Flag," he says there is no evidence anyone other than Paddock died and that he was a patsy just like Lee Harvey Oswald," which is right at least.

Richie Allen rudely interrupts a few times before Steele gets onto the subject of the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, he lambasts then VP Richard Cheney and alludes to the official death toll of some under three thousand, which is one of the mainstay falsehoods of the entire conspiracy.

2:48 PM September 11, 2001 estimates of 50,000 dead in New York were reported .. late in the afternoon of the same day Peter Jennings at ABC News in consultation with NY Port Officials, said the likely death toll was in the order of eighty thousand. Link.

Despite he acknowledges 911 was a ZioCon op, Steele says FBI Director Robert Mueller's function is to "keep Dick Cheney from being found out," he criticizes video coverage of the LV event and talks of "crisis actors" and of a "crisis action script."

Robert Steele tells the world he ran FF ops for the CIA and says there is no way on Earth Paddock fired, he refuses to divulge which FF's he ran and talks about False Flags as a "tool of the Deep State."

He lambasts the establishment media and says Time Magazine gets its copy from CIA staff, he flames the "Russians did it" hypothesis and puts in a plug for [the late?] Julian Assange, he laments the lack of integrity in the US and says "all of our institutions have failed us."

He concedes there was a cruise missile strike at the Pentagon, then at 8:12 which is as far as I got says there were "no planes on 911," which flies in the face of airplane shaped entry wounds on both WTC Towers, before starting on about "three buildings" which is another of the main falsehoods associated with the crime.

There were in fact seven major structures at the WTC Complex in New York all of which were totally destroyed on 911, twenty or so other buildings in downtown Manhattan suffered damage ranging from slight to severe. Link.

As is usual with CIA plants RS mixes truth with fiction.

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