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Suspicion on the Alaskan North Slope - Fracking, Cold Fusion, Chertoff :(
10-07-2017, 12:01 AM,
Suspicion on the Alaskan North Slope - Fracking, Cold Fusion, Chertoff :(
[Image: 1jvz.png]

Quote:The extraordinary cluster of installations in the Ugnu-Kuparuk Region of Alaska..

[Image: 1juw.jpg]

Quote:Resembles fracking sites in Dish, Texas, postulate they serve the same purpose .. Nicola Telsa inspired tech that makes earthquakes & reawakens dormant volcanoes, needs to inject massive amounts of electrical energy into the ground to create a cell of the opposite polarity to the surrounding medium.

[Image: 1jw0.jpg]

Quote:This facility a man made island in the Arctic Ocean north of Oliktok Point and Ugnu-Kuparuk, could be a [URL=""]Cold Fusion[/URL] power station that uses fuel produced by Cern type  [URL=""]Super Colliders[/URL], which are said to exist in underground installations across the Lower 48. [URL=""]The Dread Earthquake Machine[/URL].

Maybe the Weather Warfare Specialists have a major catastrophe planned, that the fracking boom is not to recover product from nearly depleted wells as they say, but to inject lubricant into the fractures in the tectonic plates that converge in the United States east of the Rocky Mountains.

Thus as the HAARP war intensifies they will direct exponential amounts of energy into the lava rich region beneath Yellowstone for instance to precipitate a major eruption, then as that situ evolves so will massive earthquakes occur across the entire North American landmass.

[Image: 1jvw.jpg]

Quote:Where after FEMA and Michael Chertoff will rule according to a ZioTalmudist ideal .. the other option is to forestall their plans by bringing Chertoff and the rest of the [URL=""]Jews[/URL] and American traitors who did 911 to just trial and legal execution first.

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