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Déjà vu - Strappado Wrack - None Dare Call It Conspiracy!
07-23-2017, 07:45 AM, (This post was last modified: 07-23-2017, 07:51 AM by SARTRE.)
Déjà vu - Strappado Wrack - None Dare Call It Conspiracy![td]
\\"The Carl Sandburgs of the future will spend whole lifetimes trying to analyze the drama of this week and this scene. What it all comes down to - after the assassination of a president, the wounding of a governor, the slaying of a policeman, and the killing of a man nobody really knew - is little Jack Ruby.\\" - Syndicated columnist Dorothy Kilgallen, February 1964

When Info Babes are all the rage, two that had the most, are not around to tell their tale. You don't have to swallow those stories of UFO's to know that Dorothy Kilgallen knew more than us. And who would question that Marilyn Monroe, had the inside track on the men from the top. So why should we reminisce upon their untimely demise, when we have such fond memories?

The Lie That Linked CIA to the Kennedy Assassination by Max Holland

Well, the CIA has on their site an account by Max Hollard that argues that Oliver Stone was reading from the disinformation file. Whether you agree with Mark Lane or accept the Warren Commission is strictly up to you. Consider what is known and draw your own conclusions, but there is one conclusion we all can agree upon, the country changed forever after the JFK assassination.
The significance of the Stone film, JFK, is demonstrated by the assault that the established order heaped upon his portrayal. Believe it or reject it, but investigate the questions that have never been answered. If logic has meaning, have Arlene Spector explain that magic bullet again. That 'Man X' was real - his name, colonel Fletcher Prouty, a true 'black bag' magician.

Oliver Stone Discusses His Film JFK and Introduces the Real \\"Man X\\"

But the more important aspect, questions the consequences if you believe that your government was involved with a coup d'etat that killed an American president. The reason it is so important to tar that ultimate kook mark, a 'conspiracy theorist', on anyone who approaches this topic is self evident. Silence works - dead women tell no tales.

Author Lee Israel is often quoted about the tragic death of Kilgallen. From her jailhouse interview with Jack Ruby, she learned that he was friends with the slain policeman, J.D. Tippit. Wonder why Dan Rather didn't report this little tidbit on the nightly news? That's right, he didn't get that job until years later . . .  As she prepared to release the details that were going to break the whole JFK assassination mystery wide open, Dorothy was found dead.

When Norma Jeane left the scene, both Kennedy boys sighed a feeling of relief. \\"What did she know and when did she know it\\", doesn't apply any longer. But we have a different question to ask on the passing of both women. Let them rest in peace, what they knew, you really don't need to know . . . So why keep asking?

Most Americans have some doubt about the sudden and mysterious circumstance of their deaths, but the denial of the American culture is too strong to risk falling into those extremist circles. We really don't want to know! Because if it could be true that sinister forces shape public policy, how could we go on with living our normal existence? We might just have to face serious issues that are not just unpleasant, but are quintessential to our form of government and a free society.

So we settle into the comfort of the Max Holland narration because it gives cover and provides relief from our worse fears. We hope his next work will be a segment from that CBS hit show - The Agency, or maybe the screenplay for the sequel to \\"Enemy of the State\\", Will Smith needs another hit . . .

Those long lists of coincidental deaths just confuse the facts! Could it be that this Dorothy was 'killed' because she was 'gallent' in confronting the Wizard called Oz?  But those kinds of questions might raise the wrath of Gerald Posner, and we all know that this \\"Case Closed\\" is shut tight. It's best for all to accept that she was just an intelligent woman, but an unreliable drunk, who just took her life. Seems we heard the same description about Marilyn, if we just substitute beauty for smarts . . .

We all know that a good American places their trust in our government. In times that try the souls of the best of citizens, surely we need not drag up the past! There are so many more policies to sell and wars to fight that we don't want to be distracted by all those 'kooks'. That Garrison Group were all a bunch of nuts, and that Dezinformatsiya about Clay Shaw smacks of intrigue from the DA's office itself. Max Hollard says it is so! That Paese Sera's disinformation came from a Communist-owned Italian publication. Mr Hollard says it is so! And recent declassified CIA records document that those stories were all lies. Who are you going to believe, Max or those wacko's?

There is no reason to worry about all those other Warren Commission Report files that are still sealed to 2039, we can trust our government to be straight with us! Can't we? Bill Clinton taught us that being tagged a crazed crackpot is worse than treason on the highest level. So why risk being known as a demon? When it comes to stating, \\"What's My Line\\", we all need to follow the official view. Max Hollard says we should, doesn't he? Everybody knows that if there was a real plot, Dan Rather would tell us so. RIGHT?

MM is missed more than Kilgallen, but Dorothy was a true hero. When was the last time you watched fearless reporting from the current crop of Info Babes? Katie Couric is no Murphy Brown, let alone a Dorothy Kilgallen. As a people, Americans are willing to watch the tube in a constant daze. Let no one dare raise the ire of the controllers of perception, less he be slammed as one of those conspirator freaks. The abettor label wears well on the facilitators of silence. Reality resides in Kansas. Dorothy knew there's no place like home! At the end of this rainbow is no gold, only lies and denial for almost forty years. Sleep well, people; we live in the era of the death of outrage . . .

SARTRE - January 24, 2002[/td]
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