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Déjà vu - View from the Mount - The 'War of Terror'
06-18-2017, 11:59 AM, (This post was last modified: 06-18-2017, 12:03 PM by SARTRE.)
Déjà vu - View from the Mount - The 'War of Terror'

Are you sick of hearing about 911? By now most folks can’t remember a time before Homeland Security. The media doesn’t just have an agenda, they have no other news. EVERYTHING is related to that fateful day. Over and over the guilt trips are set and the implication that if you don’t cede your rational capacity to the collective will, you are disloyal. Unquestionably the country has long passed the denial stage and has entered into a constant hallucinatory state.

Spend any amount, endure every loss of freedom and pay homage to the dictatorship that keeps us safe. We aren’t fighting a war against terror, it has become a "war of terror". Conducting a civil conversation with ardent supporters of the warmongering council is like begging for water from a man dying of thirst. He would rather kill you before he gives up or even shares part of his core possession. In this case, the liquid of essence is a symbiotic potion, that promises to provide continuous survival.

Political discourse no longer tolerates dissent, if the form of that disagreement rejects the axiom of the current controlled culture. Since there has never been a serious and comprehensive national dialogue on the events that led up to and including that fateful day - September 11, 2001 - we are pressured to accept the official folklore. Listing the essential questions that deserve inquiry would compile a book. The public would never place such an account on the best seller list. They are far too content to just believe whatever they are told to accept.

So why raise one’s blood pressure to fight with the inevitable? Well, the basic answer is found in the annals of history. With the passing of decades and even centuries, the truth begins to seep out. For those alive during the events, gainsaying is heresy. Most won’t take the risk of getting into trouble, so going along is easy and safe. Since establishing safety is the hallmark of the terrorism war, "security of illusion" becomes the primary goal.

The entire argument for permanent national anxiety requires that there always will be a targeted enemy. The pronunciation of the names and features of the face will change, but the fundamental ingredient must remain. "It’s them against us". When the us becomes the real them and someone points that out - that daring person won’t be listened to - by the majority of the us.

Painting legitimate inquiry as simply conspiratorial is asinine. What exactly is the function of an investigative committee if it refuses to ask or research the essential questions? Furthering the cover-up has become the primary qualification for selection to such august bodies. So let’s mature as a nation, allow the chips to drop where they deserve to fall. With so much unpleasant emotionalism and official stonewalling, the prospects for a comprehensive investigation are slim to none. It’s up to you to seek the truth, even at the risk of ridicule.

Consider the information on the following sites:


2) Expose the Deception

3) 911 from What Really Happened

4) Questioning the 9/11 attacks

5) The Webfairy Memorial

Since few will want to devote the time, effort or face their sensibilities; most will ignore this approach. As long as the public remains dumb, they will continue to be docile. Thus, you have an unmistakable summary why this country refuses to confront the implausible.

If you haven’t learned that ‘perceived reality’ is the result of manufactured media design, your understanding of how Howard Dean went from as assured nomination to the pits of oblivion, is painfully lacking. That reversal of fortunes was accomplished in a week. Think about the endless 24 hour news cycle that pounds day and night the orthodox version of the 911 events.

Notice that any other lines of inquiry are immediately smeared as coming out of the mouths of kooks. If you routinely read the international press you should be aware that only the United States holds to the government accounts. Well, does it sound reasonable that every investigative journalist around the globe is a crackpot?

If politicians base a campaign upon lies to win an election, what would make you think that they repent when taking office? Real conservatives appreciate the frustration from the quixotic progressive camp with the deceit from the Bush administration. But where were they when their role model Clinton was lying and covering up his treason? The fraud has always been bipartisan and systemic. Now it has spread from the media evangelism to the entire general population.

The government is waging a War of Terror upon us. As long as most of the public remains confused about what constitutes "us" (the us in not the same as the U.S.), they will continue to foster the deceit with their complicity. Whether you are tired of hearing about the WTC and the Pentagon attacks, you will be subjected to the consequences coming out of that day. Demanding the truth is not unreasonable. Remaining - stupid is . . . as stupid does - so says that American folk hero. In this case, Forrest Gump was a sage compared to the populace!

SARTRE - February 17, 2004
"Many seek to become a Syndicated Columnist, while the few strive to be a Vindicated Publisher"
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