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Faulty Theology Leads To Faulty Conceptions Of God's Will
04-30-2017, 08:25 AM,
Faulty Theology Leads To Faulty Conceptions Of God's Will
Faulty Theology Leads To Faulty Conceptions Of God's Will

Glenn Beck has been stricken with a crippling neurological disorder. <p> The prognosis given estimates that he might have between 5 to 10 years before he is disabled or incapacitated. <p> In the announcement of his ailment at The Blaze, Beck confided that his doctors informed him that, if he did not stop working, his condition would get worse. <p> However, Beck did not believe that God was necessarily telling him the same thing. <p> Beck is to be commended for doing all that he can with whatever time he might have left. <p> However, who is not to say that such illnesses are not God's way of telling an individual that it might be time to slow down a bit or that their efforts are required in what to our mortal perceptions might seem to be less meaningful endeavors? <p> Then there is the truth so few are going to possess the courage to mention. <p> As a Mormon, Beck professes a belief in a seriously flawed understanding of the Gospel and divine revelation. <p> Not only that, but the power and knowledge possessed by the Mormon conception of God is not as complete or comprehensive as that postulated by more orthodox understandings of Christianity. <p> With these under consideration, how can Beck thus be assured that what he construes to be a divine urging for him to continue on at a breakneck pace really is an encouragement from the Heavenly Father? <p> And even if it is, what assurances does a Mormon possess that a well-meaning but ultimately ineffective God is even able to deliver for Beck the good that is intended irrespective of earthly outcome? <p> In such a situation, mustn't the prudent inquire if the compulsion Beck believes is driving him forward might just as likely be a malevolent force or entity attempting to both end Beck's work as well as imperil his immortal soul? <p> By Frederick Meekins <p><i>There are answers if you know where to look for them</i><a target="_blank" href=""> <img src="" alt="Faith in Christ Lives" style="border:0"> JOIN </a> the Faith in Jesus Network <div class="blogger-post-footer"><center><a href="">Faith in Christ Lives - ENTRY Site</a> <i>there are answers if you know where to look for them</i></center> </div>

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