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British & US Serial Killers Dennis Andrew Nilsen & Israel Keyes in Australia
02-10-2017, 04:01 AM, (This post was last modified: 02-10-2017, 06:05 PM by Martin Timothy.)
British & US Serial Killers Dennis Andrew Nilsen & Israel Keyes in Australia
[Image: FBI.png]

Quote:I met US serial killer Israel Keyes in Nimbin Australia in 2009 .. he introduced himself as "Israel Keys" and sold me some marijuana, the bag I purchased at cost had a stone in it to make up the weight, when I saw his likeness on a YouTube thumbnail with the longer hair I recognized him immediately .. he had a criminal's manner.

[Image: image.jpg]
Israel Keyes FBI Interviews.

Quote:IK's bio says he took international trips .. I had been going to Nimbin from Brisbane since the early nineties to buy weed, which had been openly sold on the main street since a three day rock concert was held there in 1969.

[Image: mqdefault.jpg]
Israel Keyes - The Brilliant Serial Killer

Quote:The time before it had taken about twenty four hrs to get there by public transport, this time I went there by car and arrived after all of the main dealers had gone home .. small operators would buy from them in the morning and divide it into smaller lots for sale to "touros" such as myself who turned up later in the day.

[Image: e3505b2d3f24.jpg]

Quote:There was a double murder at a remote farmhouse in Northern New South Wales during the relevant period .. when the news broke I recall suspecting IK based on our single meeting in Nimbin.

[Image: Israel_Keyes.jpg]

When I met Israel Keyes in Nimbin he looked exactly as he does in this photograph.
02-10-2017, 04:03 AM,
RE: British & US Serial Killers Dennis Andrew Nilsen & Israel Keyes in Australia
Israel Keyes was not the end of it ..

[Image: DAN.jpg]

Quote:I met British Serial Killer Dennis Andrew Nilsen in Brisbane Au. in 1973.

[Image: image.jpg]

Quote:After walking home from work at the Evans Deaken Shipyard at Kangaroo Point, I got to the Brunswick Hotel in New Farm at around 4:20 that afternoon .. the pub was fairly crowded, there were some ppl I knew including an Englishman from London who had done a bit of time, in company with DAN who he introed as a former London policeman.

I said "you were a "Bobby" then" and asked if they had known each other in Blighty they said they had not, Nilson told me he had served in Aden with the British Army .. I had seen video interviews and photos featuring Dennis Andrew Nilsen over a period of yrs without ever recognizing him.

[Image: ae7650c9f121.png]

Quote:He looked to be aged about halfway between the clean shaven, dark eyed dichotomization shot taken during his military service at top, and the Murderpedia shot above that shows him in a collar and tie!

He was a fairly big strong boned type and gave the impression escaping his clutches would be difficult, I did not much like the way he looked at me as though I were a slab of meat, and it was because of that, and because of the shady rep of his companion I departed the pub a short time later.

I guess the period was after Nilson left the Metropolitan Police in 1973, and before he took up employment with the Civil Service in 1974.

Quote:The "other dude" was a below average height fellow named Peter who was working as a painter who I had met in the pub a few times before, he was a fairly good humored type who said he had a hard time in prison because of his English accent, which to the other crims sounded like the screws who were mostly Englishmen.

The day I met him with Dennis Nilson was a Friday, when I went back into the pub the following Tuesday he was there without Nilson when I suggested he join me he was rude .. I drank my drink and got out of the place like I had on the previous occasion, two days later on the Thursday came a news report a man's body had been found in his New Farm flat.

I immediately thought of Peter the rude English painter, as well I surmised he had become a victim of his friend Dennis Nilson .. the police never launched an investigation eventually assuring the public that since there were no signs of forced entry, and no suspicious marks on the deceased's body it was a natural death.

[Image: 12788b4beef0.jpg]

Quote:The day I met Dennis Nilson in the pub he came right up close, I knew he was an ex London Policeman he looked very strong and his profile suggested he was gonna place me in a policeman's arm lock, which is a wrestling move that can quickly be turned into a sleeper hold, which will cause death if held for long enough by an experienced assailant .. suspect he killed his man in Brisbane in 1973 and the rest of his victims by that method.

Update ..

[Image: New_Farm.jpg]

Quote:After running into Peter the Painter in the pub on the Tuesday afternoon, following meeting Nilsen in his company the Friday before.. Sometime around 6:20 am the following Wednesday morning, when I left the digs I was in at the lower end of the New Farm peninsular in Brisbane, there was a bus coming.

Since the fare to where I had to get off then walk across the Story Bridge to work at the Evans Deaken shipyard was only 10 cents I went aboard, despite it was the wrong bus which went the long way 'round, thus very shortly I realized I could have walked the distance as usually did in less time .. no matter.

When the bus turned back onto Brunswick Street and proceeded to the next stop outside the NF Police Station, looking out the front window of the bus, I saw DAN walk out from Terrace Street where PtP lived and head across Brunswick Street to the next bus stop near the pub, I was in the standing section of the bus which was by then almost full.

DAN got on at the bus stop and proceeded to the same standing section of the bus .. he recognized me and I asked him if "he had stayed at Peter's place" he said "no." Then I said "did you get a flat up there," he said no to that as well .. that Peter's body had been discovered inside his Terrace Street flat was on the evening news the next day.

It was initially reported as murder, however on the evening news Friday came a statement it was a natural death.

Quote:According to pub scuttlebutt Peter's neighbors knew Nilsen had been visiting and was present in the flat with him on the Tuesday night, they heard a quantity of thumping and banging and were aware Nilsen had left the flat alone on the Wednesday morning, and that there had been only silence since.

It was they who notified the police who entered the flat and found the body .. Queensland has a long history of stymied police investigations they let him get away with it, the ppl in the district were up in arms when Nilson was not arrested!

[Image: dennis_nilsen_000.jpg]

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