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Australian Crime: MT Meets The Don - Judith & Susan Mackay - D R Ferguson - HRH QEII
01-22-2017, 03:36 PM, (This post was last modified: 01-22-2017, 03:38 PM by Martin Timothy.)
Australian Crime: MT Meets The Don - Judith & Susan Mackay - D R Ferguson - HRH QEII
Quote:Adelaide South Australia 1956 evening .. going on six years of age both parents introduce one to an Uncle Ian, lined face forties no fat, anonymous city clothes which seemed to have been worn all day but looked as if they had just come from the dry cleaner.

[Image: f4e0f6a2e107.jpg]

Quote:They tell me to sit next to him then depart the room, in a flash he tears my lower clothing off and rapes me, gripping my neck grunting and groaning then tosses me head first shirt up and strides hanging off onto the floor, Mother comes in he gives her seven quid then disappears, she screams at me to get dressed then asks if I liked it.

At school the teachers want to know how I got the mark on my neck, I tell them how Uncle Ian had hold of me by the neck, they tell me he had bitten me and get the school counselor. I tell him of the rape and about my mother turning me over to an Uncle Max to be flogged, he tells me to punch the next uncle and my father.

[Image: 6bb141155ce4.jpg]

Quote:Soon after on a Saturday afternoon father says to get ready  [URL=""]Donald Bradman[/URL] was on his way and I would be entertaining him .. no way I tell him, Father was a detective in the SA Police, he flogs and drags me into the bathroom flogging and bashing me and scrubs me up to meet Bradman.

When he arrives he is a shortish stocky powerfully built man with long arms he was wearing a business suit, he could see I had recently been bashed and departed .. the next and last uncle was a European who my father brought home who got smashed in the gob.

Maybe two yrs on I talked to a kid who was one of Bradman's victims who said Bradman put him thru Hell .. it was at a Christmas party for under privileged kids, he asked for my protection after approaching me with a tale of shocking abuse and telling me he was fearful for his life.

I put my arm around him and told him he would be safe with me .. Just then they called me to take my present from a Father Christmas figure who could have been Bradman, on the stage of the hall where the function was held, the organizers said he could not come with me.

I only had my back turned for a few seconds and he disappeared, I was in the company of my father who was a policeman and implored him to help me to find the kid. Another policeman distinguished by his statuesque appearance who had pulled a face at father earlier was there, and it seems he knew what had happened to the kid.

[Image: 14892166771b.jpg]

Quote:I reckon the reason jolly old Uncle Ian's clothes appeared clean was because the judges or barristers gown he wears all day keeps them that way, scrutiny of the bar list circa 1956 may be used to prove his identity. He then may be found to be connected to the judge suspect the 1966 disappearance of the three Beaumont children from an Adelaide beach.

[Image: 441b0140b9bb.png]

Quote:The Hon John Ronald MANSFIELD AM
Judge, Federal Court of Australia: 2.9.1996
Location: Adelaide Other Commissions/Appointments:
Australian Competition Tribunal - Deputy President
Supreme Court of the Australian Capital Territory - Additional Judge
Supreme Court of the Northern Territory - Additional Judge
John Ronald Mansfield was appointed to the Federal Court of Australia in September 1996.
Justice Mansfield graduated from the University of Adelaide with Honours and was admitted as a practitioner in 1969. Justice Mansfield was appointed Queen’s Counsel for South Australia in 1985 and Queen’s Counsel for the Northern Territory in 1988.

He was President of the South Australian Law Society 1988-1989, President of the Law Council of Australia from 1993-1994, Chairman of the Legal Aid Committee for the Law Council of Australia from 1986-1994, Chairman of the SA Legal Services Commission, 1995-1996 and Chairman of the Third Party Premiums Committee (South Australia) from 1986-1996.

During 1991-1993 Justice Mansfield held the role as Counsel assisting the Commissioner, and later was Commissioner of the Royal Commission, into the State Bank of South Australia. Justice Mansfield is currently the Chair of the Graduate Diploma, and Legal Practice Education Committee.

He has held that position since 2004. He is also currently the Chair of the Art Gallery of South Australia Foundation, and has held that position since 2003. Justice Mansfield was appointed a Member of the Order of Australia in the Queen's Birthday Honors in 2009.

[Image: 7e230611fadc.jpg]

Quote:In 1966 maybe he was attending law school in Adelaide .. in those days university students went for the hippy look, long hair beads head bands leather sandals and stuff like that, he would then have fitted the description of a hippy type male person with long blond hair, seen cavorting with the children at Glenelg Beach Australia Day January 26, 1966.

The lady who provided that description to the police said she thought this persons attention to the children was unhealthy, now all the good judge now on the High Court in Canberra has to do is to provide photographs from that period to see whether he did look like a hippy at that time, and explain what indeed were his movements that day.

Considering Uncle Ian's and Bradman's proven connection to the Criminal Investigation Branch of the SA Police, thru my father who supplied them each with at least one victim in the person of myself, headway may yet be made re the long list of missing and murdered children from that State.

Bradman was a member of The Adelaide Club whose membership also includes large numbers of judges and barristers, see this institution as on the lookout recruiting suitable persons political yuppies or those educated in laws for instance, who are totally without morals.

They are groomed for prominent roles in society as barristers for instance then as their career blossoms either as judges or as politicians, see the spectacular rise of Angelo Vasta participant in a similar scheme in Queensland, guaranteeing the last thing they want is the matter of missing children solved.

Since they are culpable in the matter of their deaths, and likewise occupying political office are able to select like minded amoral people for high office from the police or Prosecutions Department, who are rewarded when they run dead in any investigation that might bring the whole scheme down, by promotion or knighthoods or initiation into the inner sanctum.

Where they can bring a couple of kids along and slay them in a Marquis de Sade style orgy attended by initiates who will remain forever compromised, while any with cold feet would only be guaranteeing their own murder, or theirs and no other prosecution by a well rehearsed system only too well aware of where the kids went .. initiates who pass thereafter get club membership then party pre selection, and rise up thru and perpetuate the whole system.

[Image: b0787c640aba.jpg]

Quote:See 25/1/ '06 - Commissioner Atkinson of the Quensland Police declared there was insufficient evidence to charge one Bob Quinn, a gutter Queensland politician re his attempt to bribe another member of the Queensland Parliament despite her deposition that he had.

We contacted Atkinson in 1994 when he was Assistant Commissioner after zero response from Detectives Nikola, Hepitch, Hitch, Desmond, Shields, Magnussen, Kajewski, Doyle, MacMenamin re murder and threats on the docks, he laughed out loud.

See Quinn then in his role as leader of the Liberal Party in the Queensland Parliament, as compromised relying on a corrupt policeman to keep him out of jai, while Atkinson relies on Quinn to stay off the subject of police corruption, so he can remain Commissioner of Police .. the same way Bradman could rely on his mates at the Adelaide Club to keep his activities out of the papers and out of the courts.

[Image: PAHS.jpg]

Quote:[URL=""]Kevin Annett[/URL]  @ The International Common Law Court of Justice, alleges Queen  Elizabeth and Prince Phillip murdered indigenous children in Canada  during the 1964 Royal Tour.

Which resonates with claims they had done the same thing in Australia post the Queen's visit to Alice Springs, March 29, 1963..

1964 Port Augusta High School a kid has a buff manila envelope like the government uses, his body language indicate it has some pretty sordid contents other kids show a mixed reaction, I go over to see what he's got .. it's photographs, the one I see is of an aboriginal girl about eight years old whose body had been severed completely in two..

From about her breastbone one side to her kidney region the other, the other photo's appeared similar and look to have been taken with modern circa 1964 professional photographic equipment, in fact they looked like official police photographs taken at a crime scene.

[Image: ER_Alice_Springs.png] HRH Alice Springs March 29, 1963.

Questions were raised in the Australian Federal Parliament in 1963, re what had occurred at a remote aboriginal community shortly after Queen Elizabeth visited the Flying Doctor Base in Alice Springs March, 29, 1963.

The Norther Territory politician who raised the matter on a number of occasions in the face of hostile criticism, is thought to have met his demise at the height of the controversy .. check Hansard.

[INDENT]At a game of football in Alice Springs in 1966 a middle aged aboriginal man approached the group I was with and told an identical story, that the Royal Party including the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh had carried out a massacre at his home community.

His story evoked memories of the photograph I had seen at school three yrs before, and of the news reports re the questions in Parliament .. he wandered thru the crowd telling everyone the same tale.

A local bloke said he was on about the same thing all the time, and that he repeated the same material to everyone with whom he came in contact, the local consensus was it was true but in the absence of an official inquiry what the Hell are you gonna do about it.
[/URL][URL=""]Kevin Annett[/URL]'s stuff alleging murder against the last two Popes went onto rocky ground, when his witness testimonies fell apart.
01-22-2017, 03:39 PM,
RE: Australian Crime: MT Meets The Don - Judith & Susan Mackay - D R Ferguson - HRH QEII
Mister Brown - Bob Foreman & Judith and Susan Mackay         

Quote:1999 Queensland Australia a [URL=""]Mister Brown in Townsville[/URL], was  prosecuted for the August 1970 rape and murder of Judith and Susan  Mackay aged five and seven years.

[Image: 596b1fd4e7ee.png]
Brisbane Sunday Mail 5 September 1993

Quote:I had been to the police since 1993 re this matter, and told them Bob  Foreman was constant in his boasting that he and no other had committed  this crime, Mr Brown’s solicitor was a woman named Lisa Macnamara .. contacting her she said that since Bob Foreman’s name is not Bob  Foreman and we do not know what his right name is, we obviously are  unable to proceed.

I had told her it was the name he used at work and had been the name he used as a professional boxer, that he does not deny that both he and his car were at the crime scene the day the children died, and that he fits the description of a man seen talking to the girls at the school bus stop on the morning of the day they  disappeared.

Nevertheless she insisted  brusquely and with superb woman’s logic, she would be unable to proceed further on that point and hung up the phone, when I contacted his barrister a Mark Donnelly in Townsville he pooh poohed it all then he hung up the  phone.

The jury in Mr Brown’s trial threw the crown case out finding him not guilty, after a petrol station attendant who saw the girls crying in a car the day they disappeared in company with a man who stopped to get fuel, positively stated Mr Brown was not the driver.

[Image: 8c480e1a7b6d.jpg] .. Large File

Feedback: Peter Hansen at the Brisbane Sunday Mail who wrote the "Union Grass" story above, says Bob Foreman rang him saying he did make statements in the union rooms re the girls, but that I had misconstrued him!

Quote:In 1978 Bob Foreman aggressively declared  interest regarding the deaths of Judith and Susan Mackay aged five and seven years, raped and murdered near Townsville in 1970 .. in 1987 in the P&D’s union rooms at Kangaroo Point in Brisbane, he declared he had  been questioned by the police regarding this crime on two separate  occasions,

A witness had recalled seeing a car, subsequently identified as his  parked unattended on 26 August 1970, the day the children disappeared,  near where their bodies were found at Antill Creek midday on August 28.

Foreman said he told the police he had lent the car to another man that  day, who had suffered mechanical breakdown at that spot, that fellow  Foreman said had telephoned him from a pub near there telling him of the breakdown,

He said he walked to the spot and found the car but not the man, he  went to the pub and conversed with the female bar attendant claiming  he still had not found the man to whom he had allegedly lent the car, he said he walked back to the car got it going and drove away.

In 1987 the day after he told that tale, in the union rooms in precisely the same circumstances and in the same company as the previous day, he  launched into the same story .. his face was hideously contorted and a  ghastly light shone from his eyes.

He was thrusting with his pelvis and hauling with his arms in a terrible parody of the sex act, he hooted and hollered and repeated the word tight, “tight .. whhoo tight,” thrusting and hauling “whhoo tight..” one concluded he had done it alright.

Question: Why did you not go to the police when he first boasted of the crime in 1978.

Quote:Reply: Because it was at work on a union job he had been  infiltrated into the union for this very purpose, they were thinning out the members with murder and would lay baits, then anyone going to the police would be turned back into the original source for killing.

I call it the "Two Card Trick" vale union member Norm Forde .. he had “yapped” to the police re a 1979 multi million dollar [URL=""]bank heist[/URL] in  Murwillumbah in New South Wales.

He got turned in to the scabs who were the original source who had infiltrated the union, the Briggs boys know all about the Mur’bah job and both use the name Stewie .. Foorde’s last recorded words were he was "going ’round to Stewie’s place."

Queensland Police Commissioner Atkinson laughed honking like a pig in response to this.
01-22-2017, 03:40 PM,
RE: Australian Crime: MT Meets The Don - Judith & Susan Mackay - D R Ferguson - HRH QEII
The Saga of Dennis Raymond Ferguson
Quote:Port  Adelaide 1975 to '77 working on the docks there and  intermittently  arrested for drunkenness, see over the period of those years posted inside the door of the counter room at the Port Adelaide watch house, a  large scale identikit likeness of a man wanted for abduction of children.

[Image: ebc6538a3f58.jpg]

Quote:Brisbane July 16 1987: Dennis Raymond Ferguson is arrested at a Brisbane motel  naked with vaseline on his body, in company with a girl six and her two  brothers aged seven and eight years. A jury finds him  guilty of a  total of thirteen charges including child stealing, indecently dealing with children and gross indecency.

[Image: 74e7f98a1f91.jpg]

Quote:He  and another man had traveled from Sydney to Brisbane with the   children  without their mothers knowledge or consent. In '88, when one   saw the  TV footage of him being led from the court, one immediately   recognized  him from the identikit in the Port Adelaide watch house.

On  February 16 1989 The Adelaide Advertiser states that Detective Nikola of the Qld police, had been contacted by someone who claimed to have  recognized a suspect in a missing child investigation from an identikit picture he had seen years before, a Detective Tom Ferguson from the SA major crime squad, said he was skeptical.

I  had contacted Nikola in '94, and told him I wanted to say in court that Bob Foreman admitted guilt in my presence over a number of years and on numerous occasions, to raping and murdering Judith and Susan, he never even batted an eyelid.

[Image: be7347200851.jpg]
[url=""]December 31, 2012, Dennis Ferguson found dead in his Sydney home

Quote:The Advertiser story then became convoluted as did the SA side of the effort when we contacted them in '02, after Ferguson was  released and  again on TV, and again I recognized him as I had in '88  when he was  sentenced as the man in the Port Adelaide identikit.

We  say that whoever contacted Nikola in '89 had like we had connected  Ferguson with the aforementioned identikit, that Detective  Ferguson in Adelaide who knows full well what is going on is using his  hard worked copper act to keep the truth from coming out, protecting a child  murder  operation with its roots in the Adelaide Club, we will  keep working on this story.

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