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Welcome To The Brave New (Trumpolitical/Trumponomic) World
11-18-2016, 02:02 AM,
Welcome To The Brave New (Trumpolitical/Trumponomic) World
Welcome To The Brave New (Trumpolitical/Trumponomic) World

<p><em><a href="">Authord by Pepe Escobar, originally posted op-ed via,</a></em></p>
<p>This does not mean that the Soros regime change racket and its multiple tentacles, in parallel to the Clinton machine-dominated DNC, will quit. Plan A &ndash; Maidan in the USA &ndash; is not exactly a winner among the masses. <strong>Thus Plan B &ndash; long-term harassment &ndash; was decided this past weekend at a summit in a Washington hotel.</strong></p>
<p><strong>The endless snowflake whining &ndash; we lost the presidential election because of&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">&laquo;rogue&raquo; FBI, WikiLeaks, the Russians</a>, etc. &ndash; was predictable. </strong>Yet among the corrupt-to-the-core DNC it seems like no apparatchik has ever read Guy Debord&rsquo;s&nbsp;Society of the Spectacle. Or is familiar with how showbiz &ndash; and talk radio &ndash; works.</p>
<p>Paris is arguably the world capital of critical thinking. Perplexed Parisian intellectual circles at least have found out that the current pan-Western crisis is not only about economics, politics, finance, security and immigration; it&rsquo;s about &laquo;political discourse&raquo; itself.</p>
<p>The easy chic café diagnostic is that Trump&rsquo;s victory is the symptom of language distorting reality by playing to emotions. It&rsquo;s true that complex rational discourse does not deliver anymore. The masses don&rsquo;t read 3,000-word essays; this is for the elites and self-described &laquo;experts&raquo;. But they do respond to outrageous tweets. More than ever, perception is indeed reality.</p>
<p>Thus the amalgam between Trump and the Front National (FN) in France, led by Marine Le Pen, also a master communicator capable of turning primary emotions into political reality. No wonder &laquo;white supremacist&raquo; Breitbart News &ndash; Trump&rsquo;s informal Ministry of Information &ndash; will increase its exposure in France and support Le Pen.</p>
<p>What the Paris debate gets right is that nationalist isolationism across the West &ndash; using amalgam and clever terminological shortcuts &ndash; has become a credible solution to &laquo;cure&raquo; national identity. Thus the appeal of ditching the EU, among countless Europeans, as a credible alternative against unemployment, as well as a means of increasing security. It&rsquo;s a Trump Remixed syndrome; barbed wire (metaphorical and otherwise) as a possible choice for re-launching economic growth.</p>
<p><strong><em>With Trump&rsquo;s victory being analyzed as the defeat of political discourse, or the victory of the controversial word, what the Paris debate gets totally wrong is promoting lofty exhortations to &laquo;reconcile oneself with complexity&raquo; as the only solution. The challenge is actually how to do nuance and complexity in only a few words at a time.</em></strong></p>
<h2><u>Words, words, words</u></h2>
<p><strong>What sophisticated intellectual analyses don't get is that Team Trump strategized a running reality show showcasing &ndash; what else &ndash; a brand.</strong> Dialogue was kept to a &ndash; tweet &ndash; minimum. Trump himself unveiled it; &laquo;These are just words&raquo;. The Clinton (cash) machine fell into the trap and took these words literally. These were in fact metaphors &ndash; understandable by a fourth grader and delivered by a &laquo;man boy&raquo; impersonating a fourth grader,</p>
<p>In his CBS interview this past Sunday, Trump admitted the obvious; <strong>he won because of the power of social networks, despite the Clinton cash machine spending &laquo;much more money than I did&raquo;</strong>. Trump has over 28 million followers combined on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. This supposedly &laquo;hidden minority&raquo; dribbled any poll modeling available. And outside the Beltway and Hollywood, they were everywhere.</p>
<p>Trump perfected the art of simplified political discourse cutting off the middlemen &ndash; while reducing corporate/mainstream media, in the process, to no more than a pathetic footnote. The New York Times &ndash; &laquo;all the news that are irrelevant to print&raquo;? &ndash; has been a sorry show in itself, promising on the record to &laquo;report world news more accurately&raquo;.</p>
<p><strong>It&rsquo;s not that Trump, on the record, had not sent a warning; &laquo;I&rsquo;m very highly educated. I know words. I have the best words&raquo;. And he knows how to get maximum effect out of minimum (word) investment. Mega-investor Peter Thiel totally got it, telling the National Press Club in Washington how &laquo;the media is always taking Trump literally&raquo;.</strong></p>
<p>Thiel stressed, shortly before the election, that &laquo;a lot of voters who vote for Trump take Trump seriously but not literally, so when they hear things like the Muslim comment or the wall comment, their question is not, &lsquo;Are you going to build a wall like the Great Wall of China?&rsquo; or, you know, &lsquo;How exactly are you going to enforce these tests?&rsquo; What they hear is we&rsquo;re going to have a saner, more sensible immigration policy&raquo;.</p>
<p><strong>So what if Trump was killing syntax via his loud and inarticulate outbursts? The meaning was always clear. </strong>The pile up of exploding rhetorical devices was always targeted at tapping into raw emotion. Thus the avalanche of &laquo;us and them&raquo;; &laquo;yuuuuge&raquo; superlatives (&laquo;amazing&raquo;, &laquo;tremendous potential&raquo;, &laquo;wonderful&raquoWink; all kinds of hyperbole; non-stop repetition; calculated stutter enhancing his trademark &laquo;improvised&raquo; delivery; and a sea of euphemisms (&laquo;grabbing women by the pussy?&raquo; Nah; just plain old &laquo;locker room talk&raquoWink.</p>
<p>Snowflakes meanwhile were endlessly re-comforted by their standard interpretation of Trump as a con artist invented by mass media who first excelled on reality TV and then turned politics into a circus. They did not see him capitalizing on his monster advertising dollars/ratings pulling power; they did not see that the more (hated) corporate media attacked him, the better he looked for the &laquo;invisible minority&raquo;; and they did not see how the Trumpian brand of &laquo;magic realism&raquo; played all kinds of tricks with &laquo;reality&raquo;.</p>
<h2><u>Social Darwinism run amok</u></h2>
<p>Zygmunt Bauman, the foremost conceptualizer of liquid modernity &ndash; and a huge influence in my 2007 book&nbsp;Globalistan&nbsp;&ndash; correctly observed how <strong>Trump has offered a unique, once in a lifetime occasion for a condemnation, without appeal, of the whole political system.</strong></p>
<p>Bauman&rsquo;s on to something when he notes how traditional mechanisms such as the Montesquieu-style division of power between Executive, Legislative and Judiciary, as well as the Anglo-Saxon checks and balances, may be increasingly deprived of meaning to the benefit of an agglutination of power in authoritarian mode.</p>
<p>Bauman perfectly understood how<strong> Trump married identity politics to economic angst &ndash; condensing all aspects of the existential angst consuming what&rsquo;s left of the working class and the middle class.</strong> Thus the success of the lightning fast solution &ndash; the expulsion of the ethnically diverse.</p>
<p>The US electorate that bothered to vote &ndash; very important; 43 percent did not &ndash; may have bought, according to Bauman, a strongman not as poison but as antidote; a &laquo;doer&raquo; capable of deploying instantaneous solutions with immediate effects. If and how he will be able to deliver is another story.</p>
<p><strong>What&rsquo;s certain is that the seesaw across the West between conservatives and social democracy is not a see saw anymore. When in power, everyone was just reproducing slight variations of neoliberalism.</strong></p>
<p>Yet as we have now seen, liberalism has been dealt&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">a serious body blow</a>&nbsp;&ndash; even as the so-called progressive Left has utterly failed to &laquo;sell&raquo; to the masses a serious, history-based critique of neoliberalism.</p>
<p><strong>Meanwhile, civil war &ndash; national and global &ndash; is now raw, everywhere; social Darwinism run amok. </strong>We have an Atlanticist Wall &ndash; from Brexit to the Rio Grande &ndash; in the process of being erected against the Global South. We have the Declining White Man against minorities that in many cases have become majorities. We have Western elites pitted against &laquo;Islam&raquo; &ndash; an absurdity, because the real enemy is Salafi-jihadism, a derivation of Wahhabism. And ultimately, we have The Ultimate Predator &ndash; Man &ndash; relentlessly decimating Nature.</p>
<p>In a Gramsci sense, the old order has completely collapsed, but the new order has not yet been born. It might be a new order based on the BRICS &ndash; mostly Russia, India and China. The progressive Left must find the conceptual road map to be part of it &ndash; and influence it.</p>
<p>Meanwhile, we will be living among the myriad debris originated by the Trumpolitics IED. <strong>America invented the politically correct. Trump bombed politically correct. America is proud of corporate media. Trump bombed corporate media.</strong> These are already two important victories.</p>
<p>Trump launched an IPO over the White House. Now he&rsquo;s the CEO. <strong><em>If &ndash; and that&rsquo;s a mighty if &ndash; he manages to run it like a sound business, that&rsquo;s bound to be a good deal not only for the US but to the whole planet.</em></strong></p>

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