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Why Must Christian Traditionalists Remain Silent?
06-25-2013, 07:54 PM,
Why Must Christian Traditionalists Remain Silent?
On 2/22/13 at Grace Cathedral, the Rev. Dr. June Osbourne, the dean of the cathedral in Salisbury, England, was scheduled to speak on the role of the Medieval cathedral.

It seems her remarks went considerably afield.

In her comments, she quipped that those opposing an expansive understanding of human rights as characterized by the issues of the ordination of women and even the acceptance of gay marriage within the Church of England represent the viewpoint of a disgruntled minority that ought not to be allowed to drive the agenda of the Church.

But who is to say that those positions now that seem to be on the avant-garde of enlightenment and progressivism are not the perspectives that are really in the minority?

Such a categorization could have especially been made when these positions first began to be agitated for.

So why aren’t those holding to these perspectives that have been at variance with the Christian teaching that prevailed for centuries and even millennia the ones obligated to hold their peace if they otherwise want to remain members in good standing?

by Frederick Meekins

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