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ALERT: Unknown event imminent - What has the Elite planned for destroying TRUMP?
06-20-2016, 03:00 PM,
ALERT: Unknown event imminent - What has the Elite planned for destroying TRUMP?
ALERT: Unknown event imminent - What has the Elite planned for destroying TRUMP?

<p><a href="">It's been a week since the Bilderberg meeting</a> - and what a busy week for the Establishment! &nbsp;A key British MP was shot in the street <a href="">before the signficant Brexit vote</a>, and GBP/USD is soaring as if Brexit is not a possibility. &nbsp;Second, in what looks to be a false flag event, a 'terror' attack in Orlando is a sign of things to come from the Elite?</p>
<p>What's unusual about the Orlando attack:</p>
<li><a href="">Rumors on the internet circulating about lack of evidence</a></li>
<li>Timing, so shortly after Bilderberg meeting</li>
<p>Other unusual related events:</p>
<li><a href="">CIA director is on a campaign tour promoting terrorism</a>&nbsp;(This is very unusual - director of the CIA is not often in the news)</li>
<li>Ramping up of the rhetoric and campaign to increase US involvement in Syria, <a href="">with a memo circulating signed by diplmats to "take out Assad</a></li>
<p><strong>Plan to destroy TRUMP</strong></p>
<p><a href="">The first US Senator ever was invited to attend this years Bilderberg meeting - Lindsey Graham - who is anti-Trump, pro-war, and pro-Elite.</a>&nbsp; What was decided at the meeting, if anything?</p>
<p>Could a war, or large terror event - delay the elections, or fundamentally change voters opinions? &nbsp;Politicians have a simple book of operations, probably they circulate it in their secret societies. &nbsp;Bush family not so creative. &nbsp;War is good for their power, good for business, blah blah - if Iraq war didn't exist, no way Bush would have been re-elected for a 2nd term. &nbsp;</p>
<p>What might a plot to dethrone TRUMP look like? &nbsp;Probably it would involve someone hand selected to be in the White House - POTUS. &nbsp;War with Russia, war with Syria, increase in domestic terrorism, civil unrest, riots, market collapse; something from the playbook. &nbsp;Taking out TRUMP would be difficult at this point, although it certainly was discussed as an option. &nbsp;Hopefully, TRUMP is aware of potential threats and has excellent security - maybe even better than government provided!</p>
<p>Just think - what has the potential to make this case for TRUMP irrelevant? &nbsp;A large disaster, bigger than any Presidential election. &nbsp;<a href="">Bush lost the 2000 election, technically speaking</a> - but won politically. &nbsp;The point is that when Bush was in office, he started out being mildly popular. &nbsp;He wasn't JFK. &nbsp;He had certain support, from conservatives, Christians, big money, Oil money, Wall St., and the military (which is a really really big lobby!). &nbsp;But 9/11 changed all that. &nbsp;Love him or hate him - Bush was president at the time when America felt attacked. &nbsp;Those who are not violently inclined or military minded - went to sign up for the armed forces, to 'kick their butts.' &nbsp;<a href="">Bush's approval rating soared:</a>&nbsp; (in Red, GWB dissaproval)&nbsp;</p>
<p><img src="" width="1155" height="585" /></p>
<p>9/11 was a game-changer. &nbsp;The only thing that can stop TRUMP - is a real game changer. &nbsp;Not necessarily a terrorist event, but that seems to be part of their MO, considering the public slaughtering of a British MP. &nbsp;Plus, dead people can't testify. &nbsp;</p>
<p><a href="">They're planning to change the rules of the GOP</a> such that TRUMP will be forced to form his own party, a huge roadblock so close to the election. &nbsp;If that doesn't work, the Elite may be left with their tried and tested tool; <em>tradecraft.</em></p>
<p>What form this 'event' may take, is totally unknown. &nbsp;Citizens and traders should be vigilant. &nbsp;Any event can rock the markets.</p>
<p>To learn more about how 'events' can impact markets, checkout <a href="">Splitting Pennies - Understanding Forex.</a></p>

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