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IRS Conducts Inquisition Against Tea Party Activists
05-14-2013, 07:21 PM,
IRS Conducts Inquisition Against Tea Party Activists
At a press conference, President Obama remarked that the IRS harassing the Tea Party and Patriot movements to determine if these organizations were sufficiently non partisan is "contrary to our traditions".

The President's assertion is, in fact, what's to the contrary.

These invasions of privacy could very well be the next link forged in the shackles of tyranny, but they may have more than likely been typical operating procedure for decades that may just now be coming to light.

It was for this very purpose of silencing the critics of government that Sen. Lyndon Johnson inserted into the tax code those provisions forbidding tax exempt organizations such as churches and civic associations from directly involving themselves in the specifics and technicalities of electoral politics.

These laws were not motivated by some lofty philosophical concern about safeguarding the doctrinal integrity of our nation's most esteemed institutions in the realms of religion and eleemosynary.

Rather these statutory regulations were promulgated so that crooked politicians such as Lyndon Johnson wouldn't have to be bothered by the likes of the John Birch Society.

Since the John Birch Society is essentially one of the streams from which the Tea Party movement flows, it is only natural that bureaucrats as the functionaries of the political elites would utilize the tax code in the attempt to strangle non-establishmentarian conservatism.

The IRS compelled the victimized within the Tea Party movement to not only turn over copies of their Facebook pages and blog posts but also copies of articles written about those audited along with an assortment of highly technical financial details.

Perhaps these activists should have also handed over soiled sheets of toilet paper and used condoms in the name of providing investigators the most comprehensive picture possible.

by Frederick Meekins

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