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Warren Targets Firearms In Wake Of Son's Suicide
05-04-2013, 10:38 AM,
Warren Targets Firearms In Wake Of Son's Suicide
It is understandable that Rick Warren is devastated over the suicide of his son.

However, in searching for someone to blame for the tragedy, will any of the incrimination be placed on the shoulders of himself and his wife?

Perhaps they should have spent more time with their emotionally disturbed son rather than on Africans and AIDS patients.

But then again, taking care of one’s own family doesn’t usually win one many accolades and applause in the corridors of celebrity of religion.

Warren has made an issue that the gun his son used to take his own life was illegally acquired through the Internet.

So are we to assume that everyone is at fault other than the one that actually pulled the trigger?

Had Warren’s son decided to end his life as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning, would the auto manufacturer be at fault?

If a diabetic decides to off themselves as a result of over-consuming sugar, should Willy Wonka be the one brought in for questioning?

Especially in Asia, a number of people have died from severe video game addiction where they play themselves into a terminal exhaustion.

Is that the fault of XBox executives?

By Frederick Meekins


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