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03-14-2013, 10:39 PM,


A movie called, PATTON, opens with the general admonishing his troops. “I don’t know where we got the idea that Americans hate war. Americans love to fight. When you were a kid you idolized the best boxer, the football players, the toughest wrestlers. I wouldn’t give a damn for a man who lost, and laughed.”

Well said, General. You failed, however, to note that all those fights and “put down the other guy” battles take place on American soil. That American “killer” instinct was never meant to leave our shore. When America was created, our Founders, Washington, Jefferson, Madison and Franklin, warned us not to interfere in European affairs, to avoid foreign entanglement; and sticking our nose in other countries’ troubles would lead to dire circumstances for the new nation.

And the first thing we did—and continue to do—is to get America involved, one way or another, in every foreign conflict that came up, and in so doing, told our Founding Fathers to stick it; we’re wiser than you guys; and times change…. forgetting that principles never change.

Think this is overplaying our lust for war? I don’t think so.
While the Revolutionary War created the United States, the Civil War decided what kind of nation we would be. So there is some justification for shedding some blood. But after that it was “if there’s a war somewhere, and let’s get into it.” And that is when the start of weakening our sovereignty, raping our Constitution, losing our freedoms and independence and becoming a socialist or even a dictator-led nation began.

Realistically, it started with the Mexican-American War in 1846. Mexico wanted
chunks of our Southwest territory, but we had previously negotiated for it, which made it part of America, so we fought for it. The Spanish-American War in 1898 began with action from Cuba, which we saw as a Spanish threat to our sovereignty, so we went to war and ended the threat in five short months.

But we got into our first real overseas entanglement in France. Known as World War One, lasting four years, from 1914 to 1918. It started when Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia, and ultimately involved seven other nations, with America coming into it in 1917—on the side of the seven “allied” nations.

World War Two, from 1942 to 1945, was America’s second foreign entanglement that was none of our business. We were sending military equipment to Europe to help fight the Germans, and in no time at all we were sucked into it to help save Europe by sending in our soldiers. We had suddenly assumed the role of “world saver”. And we were hooked.

Then came our next foreign entanglements: the Korean War (1950’s) and the Vietnam War,(60’s and 70’s) both wars waged to keep the Communists from
taking over the countries. Both wars were far from America, no threat to our territory, and, in reality, none of our business. But we foolishly made it our business and suffered huge human life and material resources for our interference.

Next came three wars, that America just had to get into: the Gulf War (1990), the Iraq War (2003), and the Afghanistan War. These Near East desert territorial conflicts were fought as a coalition (war buddies) consisting of ten nations committed to protecting each other. These nations were Kuwait, England, Saudi Arabia, France, Canada, Egypt, Syria, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, and, of course, the United States, which incidentally blew a lot of dollars.

In the senseless 12-years of combat in just Iraq and Afghanistan alone, America lost 40,000 men and women in uniform killed or seriously wounded, and an estimated 400,000 more lost to post-traumatic stress and traumatic brain injury. And all the Enduring Care, parades, shaking hands and thanking them for their service, will never give them back to us again as they were.

Only time will tell where and when the next war will break out, but if the past is any indication, America will be there, killing and dying. We still haven’t learned to mind our own business and let the rest of the world destroy itself. Looking down from heaven our Founding Fathers must think we’re insane, or perhaps wonder America, with its freedom and independence, was even worth creating at all.

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