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Former US President George W Bush Should Not be Making Political Statements
02-21-2016, 09:28 PM, (This post was last modified: 02-21-2016, 09:35 PM by Martin Timothy.)
Former US President George W Bush Should Not be Making Political Statements
[Image: mqdefault.jpg]
George W. Bush TV Ad, Feb. 5, 2016, "Jeb Will Unite Our Country."

Quote:He and his sire GHW Bush should be charged as co assassins of President Kennedy, he and his brothers Jeb & Marvin should be hanged for colluding with the Jews who attacked America Sept. 11, 2001.

[Image: 40ab20871da8.jpg]

There were no hijackers, the planes that hit the WTC Towers were piloted by remote control.

Quote:Using technology developed by conspirator Rabbi Dov Zakheim, who stole 2.3 trillion dollar$ from the US Government while comptroller at the Pentagon, who with Zionists Jerome Hauer and Michael Chertoff engineered the whole project.

No plane at Shanksville a cruise missile slammed into the Pentagon, "celebrating" Jews were filming as the WTC Towers went down. Thousands of Jews were away from the WTC on the day, while warnings to stay away came from NY synagogues the Friday before, and from the Odigo Hebrew language messaging service.

[Image: 01c1710dfab5.jpg]

Quote:George W Bush should disclose just what he had been up to before he was photographed in Dealey Plaza, Dallas Tx. Nov. 22, 1963, five minutes after the shots were fired at President Kennedy. Nor is it the only Bush link to the JFK assassination, insofar as Bush senior who plotted to kill Ronald Reagan was also at the scene of the crime, and is widely supposed to have fired.

Presidential contender Jeb Bush allegedly murdered CIA pilot and drug runner Barry Seal, and was allegedly implicated as Governor of Florida in the planning and execution of the 911 attacks! Marvin P Bush the younger brother was a principal in a company called Securacom, that provided security for the World Trade Center, United Airlines, and Dulles International Airport, from 1999 to January of 2002, and is a hard core 911 treasonist.

[Image: c87b0f345e93.jpg]

Quote:The trial and hanging of the Bush family patriarch alongside his three sons will not be an attractive spectacle, it is what justice demands.

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