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A Populist's Gist of American History
02-20-2016, 09:34 PM, (This post was last modified: 02-23-2016, 08:11 AM by SARTRE.)
Photo  A Populist's Gist of American History
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Dick Eastman's Gist of American History 20th Century to the Present. 

Once upon a time a king as bamboozled into giving his crediters the privilege of operating a central bank to provide money for the kingdom. The flow of gold from Latin (Spanish) America through Spain that had allowed the great monetary "flation" -- how can you "reflate" Europe if it had never been flated before? -- which allowed the enterprises that made for the "golden age of Spain" and the Renaissance where Spain did her business (Italy, France) and of course there was Britain, England which Henry VIII and Elizabeth opened up, respectively, to usury and major piracy of Spain's gold shipments.  With gold diminishing the pirates needed new sources of plundering so with England, with legalized usury doing what usury does and the king deep in debt, a deal was struck where the King gave the pirates the privilege to control credit issue -- credit lending being the new gold replacement -- with creation of the first fractional-reserve system central bank -- the Bank of England.  

I won't burden this summary with a description of how fractional reserve banking is a way by which the power to inflate and deflate is multiplied -- one could say leveraged -- by a system that allows credit (bank loans) to exceed gold on hand ("reserves") many fold, credit which may be expanded or contracted at will by the central bank.  But I must say the result -- build-ups of wealth -- easy money speculation -- "bubbles", "booms" -- alternated with tight money -- "burstings, "busts". Tight money -- deflation -- is the lenders's friend. It makes all the IOUs they hold worth more. It makes the buying up of bankrupt assets that much cheaper.  And what did the pirates, now bankers, do with their interest takings, and boom-bust leveraging?

They build a super corporation and named it the East India Company. This corporation took over India under Clive and Hastings, made the Indians grow opium which the East India Company forced upon China -- because China was so civilized it did not need the poor quality wares of barbarian Europe, the the pirates hooked the Chinese on drugs and waged war on them -- the horrible Opium war -- against the Emperor and his mandarins who did not want a nation of drug addicts and an economy drained of silver. However back in England -- which benefited from Pirate plundering success -- with money in ample supply to fund the industrial revolution -- there grew up a middle class that served the needs of the wealthy for commodities etc. and who developed ideas of right and wrong which were pretty good, but which certainly did not comport well with the conduct of the East India Company in India and China.  

The East-India-Company -- not wanting the expense of a big occupation force in India or of fighting the opium wars had brought in the "crown" to do the fighting -- and that expense approved by Parliament gave men in the house of commoners who had definite ideas of right and wrong the idea of applying law and the great (unwritten) constitution of English law to bare on the horrible misconduct of the East India Company -- even to the point of impeaching East India Company's man in India Warren Hastings over atrocities committed.  

The house of commoners of the English Parliament of course could not convict Hastings and the East India Company's way of handling affairs in India , they had to bring the case to the House of Lords for trial. The commoners made a very good case -- an overwhelming case presented by the most elequent speakers the English speaking world has ever known -- but corporation lawyers hired by Hastings prolonged the trial just long enough for 1/3 of the House of Lords to die in office, presumably the one's swayed by the eloquence of the great speakers prosecuting the Hastings trial -- and it was ruled that the replacements of these dead Lords would not be allowed to read the transcripts of what had transpired so far, so that only 23 Lords were allowed to render a verdict on Hastings and guess what? the found him innocent on all counts, and on all the serious counts, unanimously "innocent."

But the trial taught the East India Company the need to break free of the power of Parliament -- and so there was East India Company (and Masonic) backing of the American Revolution --  America has always been divided in power between the people and their champions with Franklin, Jefferson, Samuel Adams, and Thomas Paine, most clearly on the side of the people whose views are embedded in the Declaration and the Bill of Rights -- and the Bank-of-England/East-India-Company/Rothschild system operatives Alexander Hamilton, John Marshall and others who favored a Rothschild owned and conrolled central bank and which played the boom-bust speculation game with alternate easy credit and then deflation -- that unfailing system of plunder -- to work its power in plundering the people who cleared the land and thought they were building a Jeffersonian republic -- but was really a debt-slavery system.  

The East-India-Company was also conducting slave trade to the 13 colonies of North America -- got those slave plantations operating after it was found that white indentured slaves survive the heat and too easily ran away into the wilderness to start a pioneer farm somewhere -- and the American indian simply would not and could not (you supply the reason) -- and the American people, many sincere Christians -- like the quakers who settled Pennsylvania and even some of the Puritan divines who took the Sermon on the Mount seriously where strongly opposed to slavery --  and that opposition to slavery was seen as the great pirates' golden opportunity to get the northerner idealists to go to war with the southerners who happened also to be the great intellectual giants keeping alive the traditions of Jefferson (Ithrough John C Calhoun and Thomas Hart Benton, Andrew Jacckson among others) while the Bank-of-England/East-India-Company/Rothschild and now Bank of the United States had its hired mouthpieces on retainer - Henry Clay and Daniel Webster.

At first the south tried to branch away from cotton growing etc. -- but the tariff policies imposed by the powerful pirate interests (it is too hard to keep writing the long name Bank-of-England/East-India-Cpompany/Rothschild System, so I will refer to them as the pirates) the pirates would not allow the south to diversify -- and so pretty soon all of the power in the south was related to the cotton trade -- sending the cotton to England to be converted to clothing in English mechanized looms etc. which America would then buy. (Rothschild controlled from the City -- did not actually send a Rothschild to America as they had sent them to Paris, to Frankfurt, the City-state by London, toNaples and to Vienna.

They just hired help and helped those they hired - Hamilton, John Marshall, Biddle, Clay, Webster, Thad Stevens, Mogan, Rockefeller, Harriman, Schiff, etc. up to Baruch, more Rockefellers, and today Soros, Murdoch and the CEOs of Morgan-Chase, Goldman-Sachs etc.  Let me very quickly bring us tot he present. The Civil War finished off the Jeffersonians. The Robber Barons ruled from the Civil War and the Occupation ("Reconstruction") of formerly Jeffersonian lands in the south -- no freed of chattel slavery but still enslaved and more enslaved to wage slavery and debt slavery under the Bank-of-Engl...... under the pirate system.  The Rothschilds financed their kind of development of the West.

Midwestern towns actually shrunk when the railways -- those corporations -- set up. The people of the west manufactured nothing -- they just sent their raw products East and from the east came back manufacured products -- something like what British industry was doing with the 13 colonies earlier. The populists rose up with their attempted Jeffersonian "agrarian democracy" revanche -- but the pirates' money power was too much for them and they failed. But the republican party was itself in a civil war -- between the middle class of the west and mid-west and the piratical Eastern Establishment headquartered in New York, Philadelphia, Boston etc.

There was, for example, President Teddy Roosevelt -- who pushed imperialism and big corporations whose conduct he personally would broker -- and then there was Taft who vetoed the Central Bank bill of Senator Aldrich and would not accept an income tax.  In the 1830s the Jeffersonains under Jackson had beat the central bank -- but the civil war changed that -- and after the power of the Robber Barons became so great -- Morgan and Rockefeller and newcomer from Frankfurt Paul Warburg were ready to bring back central banking to the US.

They tried by both the Democrats, led by William Jennings Bryan, nor the Republicans now led by Wm. Howard Taft would approve of the bill. So the pirates created their own opposition to themselves, called the progressives, putting their man Roosvelt in charge of it, even though Roosevelt did not really command the voters anymore because the people liked Taft. So the progressives got themselves a candidate -- picked by J P Morgan himself -- whos name was Woodrow Wilson. At the Democratic convention floor operators like young Bernard Baruch made sure the Bryan faction settled for Wilson -- while Roosevelt got the job of taking out Taft by dividing the Republican party by a third-party run by Roosevelt -- to ensure Wilson';s victory.

Wilson and the pirates won -- we got the central bank - the Federal Reserve System -- democrats thought it was a populist thing, so clever was the "progressive": ruse. And we got direct election of Senators -- all the easier to buy them, my dear -- and the income tax, to make sure that interest on the national debt, as it grew, would be paid. We Americans also got under Wilson entry into World War One -- AFTER that war's objectives had been obtained -- after knocking out City of London economic rival Germany, after knocking out ancient enemy of the Jews (Rothschild is a Jew), the Czar of Russia with a pirate backed Russian Revolution setting up a Jewish run police state under the moral cover of "from each according to state-determined ability and to each according to state-determined "need" or else Siberia -- and AFTER taking the oil lands of what is now Iraq and Saudi Arabia (remember "Lawrence of Arabia? That was Lawrence's job) and finally the "British" capture and holding of "the Holy Land" prepatory -- according to the promise made by His Majesty's goverment to Lord Rothschild by Lord Balfour -- prepatory to the creation of a new Jewish homeland there. 

But in the United States there was rebellion -- especially among the women who did not like World War One with their boys goign to Europe to fight and become corrupt (coming home to be gangsters working for the mob, since they were used to killing), the women who just got the vote. (Wilson was against women getting the vote, by the way.) So the America against the pirate's money power internationalism and regimented war economy -- the WWI economy was a police state headed by an absolute economic dictator Bernard Baruch who was thinking of putting American's all in cheap uniforms, until the war ended). So the good people of America -- with populism dead and progressivism exposed -- voted in Warren Harding president, Calvin Coolidge vice president and got Andrew Mellon as secretary of the Treasury in charge of the economy and the enforcement of prohibition (making alcohol illegal) .

There was a recession after the war, but it did not last. The US began a consumer oriented economy that thrived -- throughout the roaring 20's up to October 1929, which was Herbert Hoover's first year in office. It was then that the Pirates made their bid to recapture America from the Americans.  On three "black" days in October they called loans of money that people had gotten to buy stock (margin calls) -- which started the market falling. They made so many margin calls which forced so many people to liquidate their stock to pay on the margin call that the stock market immediatley tumbled and kept tumbling -- until the ticker tapes which gave the nation its information about current sock prices -- got three hours behind recording all of the sales at ever lower prices.

This happened on each of the black days. And on each black day when the tickers got three hours behind, the Wall Street bankers, Lamont, Rockfeller, Morgan, Baruch jumped in and started buying shares of stock from the American people forced to sell. They would buy, but the American people did not know anyone was aggressively buying, because the ticker tape was three hours behind -- sol they kept selling at lower and lower prices -- so that in those three days the American people lost most of their ownership of American corporations to the pirates -- and then began the depression -- because off all the loan calls which caused monetary deflation which meant less buying, less hiring, more defaults, more bankruptcies and foreclosures -- while the moneyed elite -- Bernard Baruch for example went short (he bid against the market) in the weeks before the black days of October -- even as he was making statements to the press that there was no chance of the stock market ending the bull market -- as though the bull market was a permanent feature fo the new prosperity which Baruch was then plotting to bring to a crashing halt. So we had the New Deal -- run largely by men hand picked by Bernard Baruch -- there was no war - the American people still did not want war -- but the New Deal was an attempt to bring back a wartime economy without war -- an economy which Baruch could manage as he managed the economy during WWI. 

There was an attempt to beat the New Deal -- the "Jew Deal" as some called it -- Huey Long -- who at first was fooled by Roosevelt's rhetoric -- there was no hint of the New Deal in Roosvelt';s 1932 campaign against Hoover -- Roosevelt as a budget balancer against Hoover, of all things, but a promised a redistribution of wealth -- but it was all of Roosevelt's wealthy had gotten so much wealthier after the black days -- Roosevelt an elite rich family from New York -- richer cousins of the Teddy Roosevelt Roosevelts. Roosevelt had no intention of redistributing wealth back to the people who had been robbed. Instead he got people to work in goverment make-work programs. Roosevelt had the power to reflate the economy to end the deflatioanry depression -- but did not use it. He preferred to use debt-financing to fund goverment projects -- a practice now made respectable by the new Keynesian economics -- which three the tried and true quantity theory of money out the window. And then where was WWII.

The Americans -- 80 percent of them -- did not want to go to war with Hitler. They borrowed Harding's term "America First" and chose aviator and hero Charles Lindberg Jr. -- his father, Lindbergh Sr. had opposed the Federal Reserve System in Congress -- argued that only Stalin would win if America got into that war. It was better, argued Lindbergh, that Churchill be forced to change his positon about fighting until there was absolute unconditional surrender. A negotiated peace, said Lindberg, would be far better than having Gemany and Europe overrun by (Jewish) Stalinist communism -- and of course he was right -- and the Americans -- 80 percent -- believed him.d But Roosevelt got is into war through the back door. Japan and Germany had signed a pact.

Japan knew it would one day have to face Stalin and communism. That was their reasoning for entering war with China -- to keep Stalin from taking it over -- Mao was advised by Zhou Enlai, an agent sent by both Rothschild and Stalin -- Japan was right in seeing the Chinese communists as working for Stalin - they were. So China had forces in Northern China and was allied with an indpendent Manchuria, then called Manchukwo -- part of the Japanese plan for an imperialist free East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere -- but they were at war with the Chinese communists and with the Republic of China (which however much they opposed Stalin, they did not want Japanese or any foreigners controlling their country. But I digress. Japan was at war and the lives of its soldiers hung in the balance dependent on fuel for their trucks, for keeping up their lines of supply -- and there was this Japanese treaty with Hitler -- Churchill saw the opportunity and Roosevelt quickly caught on.

The US would slap an oil embargo on Japan, placing its army in danger of being massacred for want of supplies. Japan was desparate -- they had no good moves. So rather than do nothing and lose in China -- they took the biggest and most foolhardy risk -- as it was known they would -- and make no mistake, Japan too had arOTHSCHILD central bank and dutiful Japanese financiers willing to push for what Rothschild wanted -- and Rothschild wanted American in World War II. So Parl Harbor was invaded. Roosvelt got to declare war on Japan -- and then, the same day, Adolf Hitler honored his commitment to Japan and, despite his being at war with Churchill and Stalin, declared war on the US.  After the war -- the Republicans for a time regained control of the Congress -- led by the son of William Howard Taft, Robert Taft -and others.

They attempted to ferret out the communists put in office under the Baruch directed New Deal years. But the Jewish controlled press went after the House on UnAmerican Activities committee and the McCarthy Committee. Nixon fought the bad publicity and sticking with the testimony given by Wittaker Chambers, former communist, about communist spy Alger Hiss,who was at Yalta when Roosevelt and Churchill gavde eastern Europe to Stalin, who set up the UN with a NatioanlSecurity Council that gave Stalin, the US and Britain veto power over anything the UN general assembly might do. But the Republican effort to take America back from the Pirates failed when Dwight Eisenhower -- instead of Taft or MacArthur -- was elected Republican President of the United States.

Eisenhower was responsible for the Army-McCarthty hearings -- to get McCarthy for exposing how General George C Marshall had betrayed the Republic of China and gave China to the communists -- so with the remaining New Dealers and Eisenhower -- who was groomed by Bernard Baruch in the 1920s and chosen by Baruch to be Supreme Allied Commander during WWII -- and who was behing the firebombing of Geman Cities and the death of millions of German prisoners after the war ended -- was president and took his orders from the Council on Foreign Relations, which you may have heard of.  American history from this point is well known by the reader, but perhaps not in the perspective I have of it. After Eisenhower the people chose Kennedy -- a personal friend of Joe McCarthy (his brother Bobby worked for Joe on his Sentate investigative committee and John and Joe were met and were friends in the Pacific during WWII) -- but Kennedy was for America and for the ideals of Jefferson -- see his book Profiles in Courage.

But the pirates do not want a president who serves the American people and their ideals -- so they insisted that he take Lyndon Johnson as his running mate. Yes, Kennedy intorduced for the first time in many decades, national treasury greenbacks -- in the form of minted two dollar bills -- money put in circulation, that were not put there with a co-created debt requiring principal and interest to be returned to the lender. Kennedy was shot by a conspiracy which -- because Lyndon Johnson was involved, never was uncovered -- the set-up Patsy being blamed and all of the intelligent citizens who investigated and found the truth being marginalized and ridiculed and crowded out by a lot of operatives pushing false and supid theories to turn the question of Kennedy's death into a circus of irrationality that would be offensive and repelling to reasonable people wantintg to take a look at the question. (Same tactic used against investigators of 9-11.)  

Johnson -- who was made Speaker of the House owing to his close relationship with Bernard Baruch -- immediatley created a machine for buying the votes of the poorest -- the cheapest votes to buy -- by offering them the gifts of the welfare state as the solution to he bad economy caused by Fed Reserve money tightening. It was a political payoff and patronaage system with lots of new social welfare jobs and contracts -- to control urgan votes and win elections for Great Society Democrats. Johnson also got us into a deficit-financed war -- which he allowed to escalate by a deception -- by false claims about an attack that never happened -- the Tonkin Gulf incident -- which got the war escalated and gave Johnson cart blanche for it. Johnson had other ideas.

Israel attacked Nasser in Egypt and the plan worked with Johnson was that Johnson would put a US warship -- and hie picked one with an emotionally charged name, the U.S. S. Liberty -- put it off the coast of Egypt where Israeli planes were to come and quickly sink it with bombs and torpedos, sink it with all hands -- which would then be blamed on Nasser and would have Johnson the (false-flag-attack-created) false excuse to get Americans into the war against Nasser (who then headed a country called The United Arab Republic, comprised of Egypt and Syria -- Nasser was a great and good man, and that is what Israel and Ameirican and British Jews feared most). But the Liberty did not sink. The war to exterminate Nasser was cut short and given the name "The 7 Days War"  

But the Americans had had enough of Johnson and so did not elect his chosen successor Herbert Humphry -- choosing instead Richard Nixon, the anti-communist vice president that Eisenhower needed to win the 52 election (since many Republicans were wary of the man who worked so closely with Stalin as Supreme Allied Commander and yes were mindful of some of the irregularities (murder) of the war and after the war. Nixon was an idealist - who liked Tolstoy, who came from the West (his father owned a store) in California) who worked his way through law school -- and came up in politics running against the popular New Deal leftists and making big enemies -- but always respected for his courage by good men and women in his party. Nixon and Kennedy were almost identical in their positions on nearly everything -- the debates show this.  

Neslon Rockefeller fought hard to win the 1968 nomination -- but the west and mid-west wanted Nixon over Rockefeller. Nixon did a lot of good things -- ending the Vietnam war without defeat for South Vietnam for won, opening up China for another -- but when Israel was attacked and was close to going under Nixon sent aid to Israel, saving it -- alas -- and the Arab states in part retaliated by the OPEC oil embargo -- and the Rothschilds attacked the US by demanding gold at every opportunity with the hope of bringing American (and Nixon) to a crisis in which Rothschild would then call the shots -- but Nixon and JohnConelley (who had been shot while driving with Kennedy on the day Kennedy was killed) worked out the plan without telling Kissinger of Fed Reserve Chairman Arthur Burns -- took the US off the international gold standard -- effectively making the dollar the international reserve currency -- and saving the US from bankruptcy -- which is not version that they teach at Harvard but is nontheless the truth. Nixon was forced out by the Watergate set up.

The break-in was initiatied by John Dean without Nixon's knowledge. Dean communicated with Woodward and Bernstein. Dean erased the 18 1/2 minutes. Dead lied to everyone about Nixon being behind what he was doing -- because the deception worked for him, it gave him power/ Dean, afraid of prison, being sort of a girlish looking man, cooperated with the coup -- run from the office of the Washington Post. The media turned viciously on Nixon -- who had just won in the biggrest re-election landslide in history.

They first took his vice president, Spiro Agnew, who was forced to resign over some deal that happened when he was governor of Maryland -- he pled nolo contendre -- he resigned because he did not want to burden the president with his trial. The Democrat Congress picked Agnews successor, after writing new law to do it. Gerald Ford, a Rockefeller CFR man -- a brainless football player yes-man from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Nixon, seeing his power base erode with all the big newspapers and the mainstream media TV networks and radio against him -- he resigned fo the good of the country. Ford took over with Nelson Rockefeller as Vice President. The plan was the no one republican would want Ford as candidate for 1976 -- but Ronald Reagan entered the contest and the west and mid-west did not want "Rocky" -- so Rockefeller did not run and they threw their support to the incumbant (Ford) while really backing a young CFR Democrat they know they could manage, smiling Jimmy Carter.

Carter was OK, but he was out of his depth -- he was too interested in the details and did not see what was being done in his name behind his back -- all of his appointees were CFR and/or Trilateral Commission men (Zbignew Brzezinski for example, the democrat counterpart to Henry Kissinger as in-White-House David Rockefeller connection).  The people did not like Carter and his Rockefeller policies -- Nelson Rockefeller was gone, and the Republciand were hell bent on electing a real conservative Ronald Reagan -- who really was an anti-communist and really was for the country, but hopelessly caught up in phoney Austrian school economics and far short of having the "John Bircher" "paranoia that, it turns out, he really needed.  

The Pirates seeing they could not win with Carter and not having anyone who could challenge Reagan -- the conservatives had been put off so long -- that they devised the plan of infiltrating the conservative movement -- so a bunch of Jews who had formerly been Trotskyites, joined the Republican party and took it over. There were the neo-cons -- basically Rothschild plus Israel and nothign else. The helped Reagan get elected -- friendly treatment in the media -- because they knew they would be running the Reagan Administration very soon. Very soon after Reagan took office some programmed person took shots at Reagan and hit him -- but did not kill him. When he was shot -- Kissinger's protogee Alexander Haig who was Secretary of State stated "I am in control heear" in Washington -- revealing a plan of control in the plan of Reagan being killed and Vice President George Herbert Walker Bush becoming president.

But Reagan survived. So afterwards the neo-cons and Rockefeller/ Bush organized crime -- ran the white house by strick control of what Reagan heard and read -- meanwhile the S & L scandal, which was designed by Donald Regan -- well Donald Regan was brought in as the new Secretary of the Treasury -- the scandal - -a theft of 500 billion -- involving first delbierate inflation in the late 70s to throught he S & Ls (with their long term loans at low 6%) into crisis -- since they needed 10% given on dpeosits to attract deposits to save them from having to call in loans -- which forced, as planned, re-write of the regulations so that S & Ls (savings and loan institutions) could by junk bonds from Wall Street to earn the high enough interest rates so they could give depositors enough interest so they would not have to call in all of thei rmortgage and small business loans.

It was a perfectly managed Bank-of-England/East-India-Company/Rothschild robbery -- that derailed all the the good investment that should have taken place in the 1980's but did not -- since demand was for junk bonds which are bonds to finance bad ideas, like building shopping malls in the middle of deserts or tall skyscrapers that would remain empty for the next 15 years. And Reagan was probably poisoned -- not to kill him but to slow down his mind -- induced alzheimers. A precident of chemical control of presidents successfully used by Bernard Baruch to control both Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt. (Baruch died in 1968, by the way).  After Reagan organized crime player George W H Bush became president. And the Gulf War -- a dirty trick played on Saddam Heussein, who thought he had permission to annex Kuwaite - only to be double crossed -- because powerful Jews in the US and Britian wanted Iraq degraded for the sake of Israel. 

And from Bush, thanks to Perot helping, the presidency went to Bill Clinton -- all three were members of the David Rockefller CFR -- in fact Bush nominated Perot to the Council himself. They were old friends who understood that the CFR had tagged Clinton for the job. Clinton was obvious organized crime, leaving a stream of dead bodies from Arkansas to Washington, and lots of treason -- Red China had a hand in getting him elected through their agent Riady in Indonesia who funnelled money to him by agen John Hwang -- Clinton opened all secrets to China - and, despite their record for pirating, gave them the entire file bank of the US Patent Office, as well as shutting down more than half of all military bases on the US West Coast. etc. 

And After Clinton George W Bush and the neo-con's greatest masterpiece -- the false-flag attack on the World Trade Center and Pentagon - which bought them the war they wanted to protect opium production in Aftghanistan - which the Taliban was erradicating and to take down powerful Iraq which Israel feared and wanted destroyed. The best way to say it is that 9-11 and the subsequent US police state and the wars in the middle east and central Asia were the work of the Jewish Mafia, the pirates, the masters of the Bank-of-Engalnd/East-India-Company system -- Jewish supremacists, Masons, crazy right-wings bogus "Last Days" Christians owned and led by the nose by Jewish power. 

After 8 years of Bush it was time for another four years of a Clinton -- Mrs. Clinton -- but it soon became clear that even with the selection of the most loathsome and detestable nasty little man, John McCain as president, it was still not clear that Clinton could win -- that they pulled out the foreign born son of a Kenyan communist, whose mother was the daughter of US bankers who turned Marxist. The father and mother divorced and this mother married an Indonesian and the son took the name of the new father. The mother worked for the Rockefeller Foundation in Indonesia. The boy afterwards moved back to Hawaii where his grandparents the bankers lived. He went to school, a middle class mostly white school, where he was not at all a radical -- just a young personable black kid -- a Johnny Mathis type of clean cut middle class black.

But then he was tapped for special use. He and so his career at -- with a foreign student scholarship -- Columbia, ato0 Chicago,to Harvard Law, and back to Chicago as a "community organizer" to build up a resume that would be impressive to the Democrat party in which he was intended to advance to the top. By strange circumstances wh became the US Senator from Illinois -- and he got a chance to speak at the nominating convention which put him into the national spotlight for the first time. It was Obama whom they chose to run against McCain, as a sure thing -- because it was the Democrats turn again -- and so, as anyone running against Joh McCain must (except Hillary Clinton) Obama won. And Americans had their first black president (although Harding had once admitted with a smile that one of his ancestors "jumped the fence") -- black - half-black, perhaps -- but, unless his is really illigitimate, not with one drop of real American Negro blood in him -- so not really the "up from slavery" negro president that all Americans of good will have long wanted -- am man who got their by his ability and his goodness -- instead of being tagged by Jewish organized crime -- because his dark skin was needed to mobilize the minority race, feminist, homosexual and (Great Society) government employee coalitions that are the reliance of Democrat party bosses for getting their candidates elected.  

So let me summarize the last part. Wilson and world war I -- the pirates controled the country. Harding and Coolidge took it back for normalcy and America first. The sabotage and theft of American wealth by the black days of the Oct. 1929 "crash" and the depression resulted in the end of Normalcy and Coolidge prosperity and ushedred in Depression and WWII. The populists Huey Long and Father Coughlin although their ideas were vey popular -- failed (Long shot and Coughlin marginalized for being an anti-Semitic Catholic priest) and the America First to keep America out of international meddling -- led by Lindbergh -- although successful, winning 80 percent in polls -- was defeated by the trick that got the US into war by the back door -- imposing sanctions -- an oil embargo on Japan while Japan was in the middle of a war -- to force Japan to attack so it could grab south east Asian oil -- which brought Hitler's declaration of war on the US -- which brought Stalin into half of Europe and gave us the fall of China to the communists, the Cold War, Korean war, Vietnam War, and so one. 

Then with the fall of the Soviet Union -- and its plundering by Jewish experts sent from Long Island -- and the Jewish Mafia oligarchs working for Rothschild who got control of everything -- because first Gorbachev and then Yeltsin were pawns of international bankers -- "Gorby" always a Rockefeller man -- Yeltsin a useful drunk who once stood on a tank and gave some rousing words to the Russians that made the trust him -- a trust which he betrayed -- but I am digressing again, Harding and Coolidge were for American for the whole country-- Roosevelt, Truman, Eisenhower were for the rich -- Kennedy was for the country and was shot -- Johnson was for Jewish power, for Israel, for the bankers who finance big wars. Nixon was basically another Kennedy -- to hell with your objections to that statement -- and did great things because he was in office longer and had gained greater savvy about the ways of Jews, the Rockefellers and the Democrats -- but they got him in the end. Then Ford and Carter -- David Rockefeller administrations both -- the difference between David';s man Kissinger and David's man Brzezinski -- no difference at all. Reagan was the leader of the conservatives, but the Neo-cons infiltrated conservatism and threw out the real conservatives -- the Nixon men, the "Taft Republicans", those who with values closer to Coolidge and to Harding Normalcy and President Taft -- but Reagan's campaign was infiltrated by an operation -- run from Wall Street and the City. They tried shooting him to take over his administration -- but since he survived the bullet -- they controlled him by managing his information and probably drugging him to keep him less alert. 

Then a line of organized crime -- seemingly from different parties, but not really in opposition to each other at all -- with all the crimes of the clinton era -- not one was followed up on by the Republicans -- and the same with the Bush administration when Obama took over -- Obama ran against Bush but he undid nothing of the Patriot Act - -he did not pull us out of Iraq -- he carrie on the charade of keeping after Ossam bin Laden - whom they never really captured -- allegedly buried at sea -- but he had died years before. And those bin Ladin videos, those edited, spliced together words from many different occasions to make him say things completely different -- and the video with an obvious impostor -- different nose, different facial structure, different hair, etc. again with spliced together words -- all a lie -- as the origins of the September 11, 2001 mass-murder was misrepresented with lies -- blaming the innocent Moslems for what the Jews, for what the Pirates did.

And that is the history -- Dick Eastman's history -- of America is it really happened -- who was really for the people and who for the conspiracy of the money power. If America goes down and the pirates teach future history -- I would like to think that somehow, spmewhere someone will have printed out this history and preserved it -- so that at some remote time some reader might get to understand what really happened to to the great Jeffersonian republic when it came up against the Bank-of_England/East-India/Rothschild system of debt slavery. 

Yours sincerely,  
Dick EastmanYakima,
Washingon January 23, 2016
02-21-2016, 06:06 AM,
RE: A Populist's Gist of American History
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