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Tanchers Seize Federal Land Protesting BLM
01-07-2016, 02:35 PM, (This post was last modified: 01-07-2016, 02:40 PM by McElchap.)
Tanchers Seize Federal Land Protesting BLM
~Ranchers Seize Federal Land Protesting BLM Taking Ranch Lands By David McElroy
Jan. 6, 2016

You’ve probably seen these men briefly mentioned in the mainstream media as “heavily armed militia” that Montel Williams has urged the government to “shoot to kill”, a “bunch of terrorists who want to overthrow the government”! The protesters, including some ranchers and militia types, stress they are making a peaceful stand. Federal forces are converging there with firepower and isolating the area with the sheriff’s help. 

What is really going on in Oregon in the Harney County standoff?  What of the ranchers sent to prison for terrorism Jan. 4th?  How is it the Bundy Ranch siege of  2014 is related with this seizure of a federal building after the Hammond Ranch men were sent to prison a second time for terrorism due to their burning brush?About 150 armed patriots led by Ammon Bundy have taken the Malheur Wildlife Refuge headquarters building (comparable to a Ranger Station) outside Burns, Oregon. They are protesting the federal government’s actions to take over private ranch lands, and tyranny causing the loss of rights belonging to all Americans.

The standoff was precipitated by the federal government charging Dwight Hammond and his son Steven with terrorism after they burned brush on their ranch, including land leased from BLM. Although the Hammonds said they had received verbal permission from the BLM for a prescribed burn, the two men were charged with arson, a malicious act, under the anti-terrorism law.  The first judge, now retired, Michael Hogan, believed it inappropriate to charge the Hammonds with terrorism, and in 2012 only sentenced them for arson. They had initially served sentences for the brush fire, with Steven serving a year and Dwight three months. They were released. But the federal government insisted the sentences were too lenient, and resentenced both men to a mandatory five years in what many criticize as a case of double jeopardy. The men were widely demonized for torching federal land, but the media did not mention the Hammond Ranch leased that federal land to graze cattle.

The protest moved into the wildlife refuge office after the Hammonds issued a statement saying they wanted no militia assistance, no protests, as they would surrender to accept their second imprisonment. Friends say this request was made because federal agents told them that they and the whole Hammond family would be killed if they did not surrender and tell the public to stand down any effort to aid them. Regardless, the president of the Harney County Farm Bureau issued a statement defending the Hammonds as good folks.

The Hammond Ranch is the last privately owned ranch in the area, as the Bureau of Land Management has continually harassed ranchers and compelled them to sell their land to the government, which was then incorporated into the wildlife refuge. What the media fails to tell people is the fact the government wants the land to open a vast uranium mine, also with other valuable minerals. The Chinese government has a deal with Uncle Sam to purchase there, and so ranchers are driven out.  As part of the first trial of the Hammonds, the government has right of first refusal whenever the ranch comes up for sale. Of course without men working the ranch, delinquent taxes and other bills could cause that sale. Some fear the government was eager to imprison the Hammonds, 74 and 46 years old, in order to see them meet untimely deaths in order to precipitate sale of their ranch.
Pastor Chuck Baldwin, Constitution Party presidential candidate in 2008 and well-known radio show host, decrys the standoff led by Ammon Bundy. Baldwin said the decision by Bundy and the men “to take over a remote empty federal facility outside Burns, Oregon, is unwise, careless, and downright foolish. There is no cause for this action.” He said that while the BLM’s siege of the Bundy Ranch in Nevada earlier was a federal offense that the Cliven Bundy family had requested patriot defenses for, the Hammond family had openly and specifically requested no assistance from patriots in their resolve to submit to the federal authorities. Baldwin decried the seizure of the wildlife refuge headquarters as an offensive action, rather than a defensive one. “These men are acting as aggressors,” Baldwin asserted.

Stewart Rhodes, a Yale graduate and leader of the Oath Keepers, also opposes the Bundy-led protest as foolhardy and offensive.  He will render no aid to the protesters.

KrisAnne Hall, a former prosecuting attorney, declares the “the federal government is acting lawlessly” with ranchers and has no constitutional authority to take the land. She says that states’ rights include sovereignty over the lands inside their borders. “The federal government has no lawful authority within the states outside the forts and ports…”  And “The Supreme Court has no authority to expand the powers of the federal government,” despite what some say, and executive orders from the president are not valid if they violate the US Constitution. She reminds us “Freemen have control of their property.” Hall said “This is not about the Hammonds. It is not about the Bundys. This is about a federal government operating outside its authority…. Do you want a totalitarian government? Do we want to stand for what is right?” She said the issue is liberty and constitutional government. “If we do not put government back in its proper place… we will all become nothing more than tributary slaves.”  See Hall’s video statement about the Oregon standoff at

For a comprehensive history of the Hammond case, see

When is the right time to stand for Truth, Justice, and Liberty? YOU DECIDE! 
In Christ's love for Truth, Justice, & Liberty for All,
David A. McElroy

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