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Déjà vu - Strappado Wrack - Know Nothing - The Reality of the American Experience
01-03-2016, 08:05 AM, (This post was last modified: 01-03-2016, 08:13 AM by SARTRE.)
Déjà vu - Strappado Wrack - Know Nothing - The Reality of the American Experience

Oh, remember those "good old days". Discrimination and ethnic exclusion was the norm and a political party stood for "red meat" self-interest. The catcalls today ring with a "PC" note, how dare anyone even allude that restricting immigration can be part of open debate? The memory of the American Republican Party fades into vagueness of ignorance, knowing history is not a requirement of the modern Know Nothings. If you are one of these marginal historians, how can you be expected to appreciate the anti-immigrant sentiment that existed over a century and half ago?

Just how rewarding has, the long corrosive experiment of open border been to the average family and taxpayer! Ask the discerning author, Frosty Wooldridge, who is an unambiguous source of the topic. Debating the merits is long over for most people, the overwhelming consensus is build a fence high enough that ladders won’t reach. Ignoring and dismissing popular outrage are the underlying lessons the caretakers of the corporate/state smear in your face. 

States’ Rights are anathema on the Georgetown salon circuit. The Tenth Amendment is a curse word among proponents that claim each additional abuse is fostered for the good of the children.

Know-Nothing members back in the mid 19th century did not suffer with this infliction. That is the reason they are so maligned in the history books, written by ivory tower cosmopolite thinkers. The will of the masses is repugnant to the superior vision of the masters of the universe. State legislatures stack up no better.

The State Sovereignty Movement is a response to Federal Government omnipresence. Dave Nalle writes,
Quote:“You may not have heard much about it, but there’s a quiet movement afoot to reassert state sovereignty and stop the uncontrolled expansion of federal government power. Almost half of the state legislatures are considering or have representatives preparing to introduce resolutions which reassert the principles of the 9th and 10th Amendments to the Constitution and the idea that federal power is strictly limited to specific areas detailed in the Constitution and that all other governmental authority rests with the states.The founding fathers believed in a balance between state and federal power. This state sovereignty movement clearly arises from the belief that the balance of power has tilted too far and for too long in the direction of the federal government and that it’s time to restore that lose balance.The emergence of this movement is a hopeful sign of the people asserting their rights and the rights of the states and finally crying “enough” to runaway government. With the threat of increasingly out of control federal spending, some of these sovereignty bills may stand a fair chance of passage in the coming year”.
A list of links to proposed legislation is found on

Is it realistic that enacting State Sovereignty laws can succeed, when the obvious response from the Beltway Beast would be to ignore the attempt to exert lawful means to put a stop to federal tyranny?  And what would the Supreme “kangaroo court” Judiciary rule on such a basic constitutional precept? Are you a modern day know nothing, or do you understand the unmistakable answer to this question? Most are unable to make such a leap.     

If reeling in the central government through the State legislative process seems a remote prospect, there must be other alternatives. Nullification is another approach that is getting populace support. “When a state ‘nullifies’ a federal law, it is proclaiming that the law in question is void and inoperative, or ‘non-effective,’ within the boundaries of that state; or, in other words, not a law as far as that state is concerned”.

Nullify Now! is a multi-city event tour focused on education and activism on a state level to say NO to unconstitutional federal “laws” – which, in reality, are not laws at all. The author of the book named simply, Nullification, firebrand Tom Woods makes a reasoned and passionate argument. Judge for yourself the logic in this video.

Mr. Woods’ founding in Austrian Economics alone qualifies him to be on a homeland watch list, so adding the sacrilege of federal disobedience to his crimes and misdemeanors, surely warrants his burning at the stake.

Hence, the nullification method is a risky venture, what about calling a Constitutional Convention.

Philip Klein, in the American Spector, states, “Under Article V of the Constitution, "Congress… on the Application of the Legislatures of two thirds of the several States, shall call a Convention for proposing Amendments, which… shall be valid to all Intents and Purposes, as part of this Constitution, when ratified by the Legislatures of three fourths of the several States."

Now that’s an option that places the entire federal octopus at risk of revamping, or does it?

The reality of calling a convention is the practical consequence that the entire U.S. Constitution could be amended out of existence. Held bare and stripped of intended Bill of Right protections results in a naked corpse of original substance. Just think about all the political elites and careerists that would kill to be a delegate at the craving up of the remains of the Republic.     

The sensible warning of the John Birch Society makes a clear argument against the Barnett approach. Watch the video Beware Article V for grounding in political acumen.
Quote:"On April 23 the Wall Street Journal published an opinion piece by Professor Randy Barnett of Georgetown University, "The Case for a Federalism Amendment: How the Tea Partiers can make Washington pay attention." In this article, Barnett correctly observed that the Tenth Amendment "sovereignty resolutions," under consideration by over half the states this year, are not likely to have the slightest impact on the federal courts. From this reasonable observation, Barnett proceeded to assert that "state legislatures have a real power under the Constitution by which to resist the growth of federal power: They can petition Congress for a convention to propose amendments to the Constitution."Barnett then went on to admit that "An amendments convention is feared because its scope cannot be limited in advance." However, at this point he advocated a dangerous course. He proposed that the "tea-party enthusiasts" adopt the project of getting his Federalism Amendment added to the Constitution and also adopt his strategy of getting enough state legislatures to apply to Congress to call a constitutional convention, so that Congress becomes scared of the prospect of a con-con and agrees to endorse his amendment and present it to the states for ratification".
After all these dead end options, what is left for a citizen to choose?Enter the wisdom of the Know Nothings. Ridding the nation of heretical religious elements (secular humanism) and stopping "foreign" influences (Zionism) from destroying the essence of the nation, a proactive restoration of founding principles constitutes the best hope to establish a genuine NATIVISM.

For too long people fear being labeled as malcontents, bigots or anti-Semitics for speaking out about the real reasons why the Republic is in shambles. Secrecy does not cut it. Fifth Column traitors have hijacked our government. Safety concerns are pale in comparison to the enemy within. Catholic immigrants did not create the Federal Reserve. Destructive immigration is a symptom of the fatal disease that eagerly embraces the globalism of mass destruction.

A better name to adopt is that "we know too much" and we will no longer look the other way and acquiesce. We know that it is not an accident that despotism is the absolute objective of the ruling class.

The actual know nothings no longer are keeping secrets; they are passing laws to imprison an entire society. The "waving the bloody shirt" now is wrapped in the filth from the soiled treason of Government First storm troopers, working the system to eliminate patriotic citizens from their wealth, liberty and ultimately their lives. 

Battalions of lawyers scorch the earth as Sherman pillaged Georgia. Legions of bureaucrats administer carpetbag dictates so that the slaves stay in line. The banksters steal the wealth and build more plantations, as they pollute the drinking water and fix the price of cotton. The federal master will not allow peaceful secession. State sovereignty conflicts with federal supremacy. If a dictatorial government promotes overseas drone extermination, just imagine how much more effective domestic slaughter would be.

What remnants left of constitutional law, a new constitutional convention will just supplant the "con job" coerced upon the States during the fraudulent 1787-1790 ratification process. Sorry folks, the system provides no resolution without the abolishment of the political culture that allows power elites control of their created federal monster.

As long as the public tolerates tyranny, claims they know nothing of such abuses, or refuses to acknowledge that the enemy of the nation is the STATE itself, nothing will improve. The only faint hope for a Nativist country is a renaissance of traditional American values and a repudiation of federal government allegiance. This kind of revolt is the best kind of nullification and secession, as the best path back, to States’ Rights.

SARTRE – October 17, 2010

"Many seek to become a Syndicated Columnist, while the few strive to be a Vindicated Publisher"
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