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Déjà vu - Strappado Wrack - Gun Control = Government Security
10-11-2015, 02:11 AM,
Déjà vu - Strappado Wrack - Gun Control = Government Security

So says the latest reinvented panderer, a nefarious siren, from the clan of America's most disgraced political family. What a legacy from the extended progeny of the dysfunctional. But she is not speaking about mere policy direction. No; she is consumed with offending the common sense of the residents in "The Old Line State". Their motto is "Fatti maschii, parole femine" which can be interpreted as "strong deeds, gentle words" - it used to be interpreted as "manly deeds, womanly words" but it was officially reinterpreted in January 2001. 

This Black-Eyed Susan practiced the same carpet bag strategy that dear old dad used when RFK ran in New York State. No doubt she learned her form of bleeding heart mania on papa's knee. But her propensity to insult and offend may well have been perfected under the tutelage of Teddy the Lifeguard, the uncle that only drink can rescue.
Consider the contention from Alan Gottlieb of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

 Maryland's Townsend Wants More Gun Control While Violating Current Law.

"a disingenuous Democrat has been caught demanding more gun laws after failing to enforce ones already on the books. Kathleen Kennedy Townsend is campaigning to become Maryland's next governor by savaging the gun rights voting record of her opponent. Yet Townsend, as lieutenant governor under Glendening, has been part of an administration that has refused to provide critical information to the NICS system."

"Maryland has received $6.7 million from the NICS History Improvement Program since 1995 to improve its criminal records. Yet, the Glendening-Townsend administration told the FBI in March that it could 'no longer provide the research and assistance your program requires without reimbursement for the work'. Not only are these two extremist anti-gun Democrats refusing to follow a law that's already on the books, their administration has refused to do work for which it has already been paid by the federal government. I'm not sure what they call that in politics, but in the legal arena, that amounts to criminal negligence and fraud."

This argument seems even mild. The fitting conclusion sound minded citizens should adopt is that the entire gun issue has nothing whatsoever to do, with public safety. Doesn’t  the entire thesis of gun control advocates rest upon the claim that government has a duty to protect the citizen and society in general?  Well John Lott Jr, is the source for factual data that must be ignored to keep the blinders on a public duped by fear and paranoia. In - When It's Guns, Media Miss Big Part Of Picture, Lott puts forth the substance of real life examples where being armed deters crime. We all know that the media has a bias against fair and objective reporting about the statistics, so why would anyone give credence to the impulsive frenzy that drives the issue? With a non stop sniper hysteria being the latest ratings substitute for the OJ craze, the public allows themselves to be manipulated by sensation, rather than stable, rational and prudent measures. How is the track record of the biggest manhunt in memory doing?  Is this the protection that the politicians have promised, when they scam you into supporting schemes like the Brady Bill? Politicians, especially from dynasty families, that adore the omniscience of government solutions, need to be rejected. When they attribute omnipresent compliance for guaranteed security, the results becomes omnipotent State control.

But are people really anymore safe?  Whoever the deranged shooter is or what lies as the motivation for such crimes, society has never achieved, nor will it -  immunity from crackpots. If the crimes are part of an organized effort, isn't the failure of the government that much more severe? The gun grabbers have told the public for decades that they are personally safer because an effective means for self protection has been denied, by these same politicians.

A sick and determined person will always find a way to circumvent laws. The duty of government is to defend the right of individuals to protect themselves, and that means that private gun ownership with proficient training in their use, should be the national policy. Advice on how to head-bob or zig zag is comical, if it was not so moronic and insulting. But that is the style of many public servants. The Keystone Cops have more competency. We'll leave the possibility that the self appointed mad SWAT impostor, is following a script that was written at central casting. But what is certain is that the mistaken policies of the Townsend's, benefits from the death of each victim, as they introduce and push added unconstitutional legislation.

Her partisan opportunism is disgusting - not at all in the tradition of being either brave in deeds or gentile in assertion. The John Lott's of the world need to be heard. The Jezebel's who betray the "The Old Line State" and the rest of us need to be scorned. No doubt that decent residents in Maryland, know all too well the attitudes of Kathleen Kennedy Townsend and her gun grabber clones like Senator Barbara Mikulski. They are the defeatists that ensure your emasculation and impair your individual safety. Personal protection cannot be legally denuded by government decree and substituted by State "ballistic fingerprinting" salvation, and still insure genuine public security.

Accepting the Kennedy Townsend polemic is like feeling solace that Teddy's picture is on a drivers license - it still won't prevent manslaughter from behind the wheel . . . Or is this just a gender boner? Could it be that the female fascists are the actual chauvinists, when it comes to protecting ourselves? They seem to want the State to do what they are incapable of doing; namely, solve the problem. How you answer the KKT question may well determined if Maryland can free herself from rule by a commissar, who thinks she should be royalty.

SARTRE - October 20, 2002
"Many seek to become a Syndicated Columnist, while the few strive to be a Vindicated Publisher"
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