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BREAKING ALL THE RULES Special Notice - TPP Treaty - 10/10/15
10-10-2015, 03:43 PM,
BREAKING ALL THE RULES Special Notice - TPP Treaty - 10/10/15
BREAKING ALL THE RULES Special Notice - TPP Treaty - 10/10/15
October 10, 2015
TPP Treaty: Intellectual Property Rights Chapter - 5 October 2015

Today, 9 October, 2015 WikiLeaks releases the final negotiated text for the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) Intellectual Property Rights Chapter. The TPP encompasses 12 nations representing more than 40 per cent of global GDP. Despite a final agreement, the text is still being withheld from the public, notably until after the Canadian election on October 19.

The document is dated four days ago, October 5th, or last Monday, the same day it was announced in Atlanta, Georgia that the 12 member states to the treaty had reached an accord after five and a half years of negotiations.

The IP Chapter of the TPP has perhaps been the most controversial chapter due to its wide-ranging effects on internet services, medicines, publishers, civil liberties and biological patents. “If TPP is ratified, people in the Pacific-Rim countries would have to live by the rules in this leaked text,” said Peter Maybarduk, Public Citizen’s Global Access to Medicines Program Director. “The new monopoly rights for big pharmaceutical firms would compromise access to medicines in TPP countries. The TPP would cost lives.”

Read the full press release. (

View the leaked "TPP Treaty: Intellectual Property Rights Chapter, Consolidated Text" (PDF ( , HTML ( ).

** Experts Analysis

Expert Analysis: "Ambiguity Leads to Fallacy: Biologics Exclusivity in the Trans-Pacific Partnership" (PDF ( , HTML ( ).

Expert Analysis: "Pharmaceutical Provisions in the TPP" (PDF ( , HTML ( ).

Expert Analysis: "TPP Transition Periods on Pharmaceutical Intellectual Property Rules" (PDF ( , HTML ( ).

Expert Analysis: "International Convention for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants 1991 (UPOV91)" (PDF ( , HTML ( ).

Expert Analysis: "Propiedad intelectual en el Tratado Transpacífico" (PDF ( , HTML ( )

Expert Analysis: "Public Citizen - WikiLeaks Publication of Complete, Final TPP Intellectual Property" (PDF ( , HTML ( )


The Final Leaked TPP Text is All That We Feared (

Today's release ( by Wikileaks of what is believed to be the current and essentially final version of the intellectual property ( (IP) chapter of the Trans-Pacific Partnership ( (TPP) confirms our worst fears about the agreement, and dashes the few hopes that we held out that its most onerous provisions wouldn't survive to the end of the negotiations.

Since we now have the agreed text, we'll be including some paragraph references that you can cross-reference for yourself—but be aware that some of them contain placeholders like “x” that may change in the cleaned-up text. Also, our analysis here is limited to the copyright and Internet-related provisions of the chapter, but analyses of the impacts of other parts of the chapter have been published by Wikileaks ( and others ( .

Wikileaks release of TPP deal text stokes 'freedom of expression' fears (

One chapter appears to give the signatory countries (referred to as “parties”) greater power to stop embarrassing information going public. The treaty would give signatories the ability to curtail legal proceedings if the theft of information is “detrimental to a party’s economic interests, international relations, or national defense or national security” – in other words, presumably, if a trial would cause the information to spread.

Action Alert
The Final Leaked TPP Text is All That We Feared
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