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Déjà vu - View from the Mount - Stuck on Stupid is Systemic
08-16-2015, 06:00 AM,
Déjà vu - View from the Mount - Stuck on Stupid is Systemic

Once in a while a phrase embodies the critical circumstances of the times.  Society is essentially stuck on stupid.  The American social order is especially afflicted with the habitual disease of self-delusion.  In their gut people feel that all is not well.  But few know in their bones that the cause of the discontent is a lethal cancer.  The illusion of progress even infects the body politick.  The nature of or the methods used to practice the black ops of realpolitik is lost on the vast majority of empathic - socially acceptable - populace.  The notion that to be a good citizen, one must internalize the popular culture and established order is a malignant death sentence.  This vast melanoma of a deceptive virus is spread by defining the ‘PC’ limits and curtailing meaningful political debate.  At its core is the art of perfecting stupidity as a national standard of conduct.        
When General Russel Honore uttered this now famous adage, his frustration with the press was well founded.  Yet, for a civilized society to endure the prerequisite of a vigorous, skeptical, objective and investigative press is essential.  The certainty of failure in the mainstream press to operate by those principles is one of the few things that IS believable from their reporting.  The skill in asking and framing the optimum questions is at the root of insightful inquiry.  Reporters in the corporate media environment are employed and advance by their usefulness in serving the interests of their publisher masters.  The media moguls aspire to be the barons of the controlled culture.  As gatekeepers, they are an integral part of the master global plan for political integration and cultural assimilation.  On occasion, even inept reporters severely lacking the knack of germane analysis can prick the thick skin of the enforcers for the all-inclusive empire. 
Those who view themselves as part of the investigative alternative media understand that they need not apply for career consideration with the propaganda machine.  The journalism profession seldom holds true to the - who, what, when, where, why - of news reporting.  The editorial objectives of an employer are implied prisms of the storyteller.  All too often reporters become the raconteur for a lying transnational conglomerate with distinct despotic motives.  Even so, with total and complete creative and editorial freedom, the practitioner of linguistic persuasion is often less concerned with facts and more enthralled with influence.  News reporting has been reduced to magic act slight of hand entertainment. 
Non-mainstream correspondents have not been automatically inoculated with a vaccine that prevents stupid behavior.  They suffer from the same human condition and are not cured from the appetites of ego acclaim and fame.  Notoriety as a rebel, does not necessarily make one a believable journalist or an effective revolutionary.  Truth is still the ultimate benchmark by which to be judged.  Intelligent political action requires rational and pragmatic tactics to achieve principled objectives.  Paleoconservatives strive to safeguard those rare and few traditional value standards still practiced and worthy of preservation.  In order to achieve a restoration of civilization, the natural process of avant-garde revolutionary decay needs to be destroyed by a healthy reactionary revolt.  Make no mistake about the stakes, the cultural war is real and the winning side will not take prisoners.
The unqualified moral, fiscal and institutional bankruptcy of our social and political system should be crystal clear to any intelligent observer.  Redress of grievances and petitions for relief are as useful as a sun lamp in the heat of the noon desert.   The system is irrevocably broken and no constitutional modification is possible to restore the essence of the 1776 American Revolution.   The quack political physicians only offer a slow and painful bleeding treatment for a long-suffering and dying nation.  The public endures because they are “stuck on stupid” autopilot.  You know instinctively in your heart that this is the case.  So what do you do at this point in history?
Well, let’s start with the admission by sincere conservatives that the Republican administration in DC is incompetent and have entirely betrayed the cause of real conservatism.  Under George W. Bush, the principles of limited governance died as did the last vestige of the Republic.  Continued support for the GOP is plain stupid!  Impeachment is deserved, while unachievable.  Even that recourse for removal from political power will never resolve the systemic dilemma.  
Next examine the wrong tactical method of public protest.  The recent march on Washington is a throwback to an era when people still retained a naïve hope that the ship of state could right itself.  By the Viet Nam period, that illusion was buried and the soundest minds of that time recognized that the “Establishment” itself was the root impediment to achieve a rightful self-determination.  The loons seeking a communal earthly paradise based upon a redistribution model of political fascism, compromised legitimate outrage against an insane and unnecessary war, with their collectivist utopian dreams.  The silent brain dead mainstream, as usual, resented the bold and moral appeal for political sanity from that generation, and dug in their heels with misguided and unwarranted support for the federal government. 
Today the children or even grand kids of the 1960’s are much less qualified to take on a much more integrated and omnipresent central state.  The lack of moral character in this alliance of sabotage dissent is obvious for all to see.  It is impossible and just plain – “stuck on stupid” – to engage in protest with the likes of a congenital charlatan like Jesse Jackson.  Rational dissenters demand that a legitimate cause be purged from internal subversives.  Cindy Sheehan’s honorable appeal was destroyed when handlers stole her plea and perverted the rhetoric.  The agonizing lesson of the Johnson/Nixon nightmares is that the federal tyrant is a bipartisan affair, and that the central government is the dominant enemy.    
Why were the likes of Pat Buchanan anti-war folks and pro America First proponents excluded from the demonstration?  Study your history better, or lose another generation to the deceit that flows from the fanatic collectivists that preach a progressive solution.  Genuine populism is soundly within the American tradition.  Radical action is necessary to combat this domestic war.  But at all cost, avoidance from the contamination of a progressive central government is a common sense requirement. Allowing the noble cause of defeating the forces of globalism to be usurped by factions of phony “do-gooders” is the definition of being – “stuck on stupid”.
The Michael Moore baggage that follows the anti-war, impeach Bush ‘collectivist civic circus’, harms the efforts of balanced opponents of an internationalist foreign policy.  The dissimilarity between the NeoCon – NeoLib partnership only smells from a different rot, both have the same stench.  The goal of ascertaining a truly patriotic form of government is a false hope as long as that society is willing to co-exist with and among “true believers” of un-American designs.  The perception that unity of cause can be achieved with adversaries of principle is doomed to sink to the lowest level of communal perversion.  There is no room for tolerance with those who sermonize a faith of government solutions.  There is no compassion for those who merely want to transplant the current regime with diseased hybrids of their own kind. 
To ally yourself with a damaging communicable sickness out of an expectation that the Bush mayhem can be tamed is to guarantee a permanent repression.  The alternative to lying down with dogs is to elevate yourself with those who make up the backbone of an independent society.  What remains of the productive merchant class, the small business owners and the hard working wage earners is the last great chance for rescuing the drowning.  Lose the remnants of the middle class and you lose America.  It is “stuck on stupid” to think that coming home from Iraq is victory when garrison outposts have troops scattered throughout the rest of the world.
Get serious if you want revolutionary change, cease playing the game of the Socialist.  Activism for it to be productive needs to win the hearts and minds of the job creators and their employees.  How can that happen when you march under a Jacobean flag?  The intelligent strategy to employ is based upon a platform of exclusion not inclusion.  Secession must become respectable in order for it to become achievable. It is “stuck on stupid” to accept that your self-interest is served living under controlled chaos.  No doubt going radical is sensible, civil disobedience is the means, just focus your energy in productive reconstruction.
SARTRE – September 26, 2005                       

"Many seek to become a Syndicated Columnist, while the few strive to be a Vindicated Publisher"
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