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Wall Street Capitalism: A Love Affair
07-10-2015, 12:21 PM,
Wall Street Capitalism: A Love Affair
Wall Street Capitalism: A Love Affair

<span style="color: black; font-size: x-small;"><span style="font-family: Trebuchet MS, sans-serif; font-size: x-small;"><span style="font-size: small;">What once was a </span><a href=""><span style="color: black;"><u><span style="color: blue; font-size: small;"><span style="color: blue; font-size: small;">mercantile</span></span></u></span></a><span style="font-size: small;"> world has become a global playpen for moving hot money to squeeze out the highest return on investment. Replacing nation states with international capital is now sport. Undermining the sovereignty of countries by an elite club of financial manipulators is the purpose for the grand game. Illustrating this fact, David Callaway writes in Market Watch. "The sale of the New York Stock Exchange to Deutsche Boerse this week underscores the lack of historical antipathy for Germany, the world wars not withstanding, but also something more significant. The deal officially slammed the door on the surge of protectionist overreaction that sprang from the global financial crisis". The conquest of the NYSE by German economic dominance is ironic, since so much of the financial funding of the Third Reich came out of Wall and Broad Street.&nbsp;</span></span></span><br /><span style="font-family: Trebuchet MS, sans-serif;"><br /></span><span style="font-family: Trebuchet MS, sans-serif;"><a href="">Read the entire article on the Strappado Wrack archives</a></span>

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