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Federal Reserve is a Cache of Stolen Assets
10-09-2011, 07:26 AM,
Federal Reserve is a Cache of Stolen Assets

The American Revolution, in no small part, was a repudiation of the central banking tyranny exported to the New World by the Bank of England. Few legacies have grown more despotic than the consequences of living under the rule of fractional reserve banking. Many good willed conservatives understand that the system is imploding. Some envision a second American Revolution that expels the remnant Tories that have hijacked our Federalism separation of powers form of government. Woefully, the prospects for a States Rights revolt are slim. However, the scenario of a domestic French Revolution style carnage is brewing with every escalation of the pompous arrogance worthy of a Jean-Joseph, marquis de Laborde or the manipulative usury of the House of Rothschild.

The eruption of populist outrage is long overdue. The lack of objective mainstream media coverage is expected. Their attempt to spin the natural disguise for a corrupt establishment in the hearts of sincere and persecuted citizens is typical. The elite’s message is that they will either control the movement, or at the very least, strip it from any positive synergism. Send in the clowns, like Michael Moore. Wall Street Capitalism: A Love Affair explains the hideous agenda of the clueless socialists that condemn all things Wall Street, while advancing the ultimate goals of the New World Order globalists.

Street theater no longer is enough. The peasants are rallying their pitchforks, as they storm the Bastille; however, they got their GPS coordinates wrong. The correct address is 33 Liberty Street, New York, NY. That is the location of the dominate Federal Reserve temple. When the public finally comes to grips with the real cause of the unsustainable debt, they will understand that the private central banking system bears the ultimate redress for their sins against America and all humanity.

A Privatised Money Supply, presents an informative analysis.

Assuming a reserve ratio of 1:10 the table below shows how $100 of interest-free government created money (GCM), i.e. cash, is used by the banking system to create $900 of interest-bearing bank-created money (BCM) in the form of loans. The reserve ratio is the ratio of cash reserves (GCM) to deposits (mostly BCM). In our example the banking system consists of 50 banks, but the money creation process would be essentially the same for any number of banks from one to infinity.

Modern accounting uses double entry book keeping where liabilities and assets are kept exactly equal. A bank’s liabilities are its deposits. Its assets are its loans (including bonds which are loans to government) and its cash reserves. Here is how the banking system creates money. In column 1 $100 of cash is deposited in Bank 1. Bank 1 creates a $90 loan in the form of a deposit as shown in column 2. This deposit is pure BCM and, because it must be paid back with interest, is an asset. With a reserve ratio of 1:10 the bank puts aside $10 in cash (column 3) to meet cash demands from the person who deposited the $100. The remaining $90 in cash covers the $90 loan. The borrower proceeds to write cheques on his $90 deposit and these cheques get deposited in Bank 2. For these cheques Bank 2 demands and gets cash from Bank 1 until eventually all $90 ends up in Bank 2. (Naturally in real life more than two banks are involved. Thus the transactions are not so simple and orderly as they must be here for explanatory purposes, but everything comes out in the wash to give exactly the same result.) However the original $100 deposit still stands to the credit of the depositor (a liability for Bank 1) even though $90 of it has moved on to Bank 2. And the $90 loan Bank 1 created when it first received the original $100 deposit also stands (an asset for Bank 1). Banks 2, 3, 4, etc. then repeat this process eventually creating $900 of BCM in the form of loans (as shown in column 2) and dispersing the original $100 as cash reserves throughout the banking system (as shown in column 3).

Note that $900 of the $1000 of deposits in column 1 is BCM, i.e. credit created by the banks in the form of loans. (Banks make loans by “depositing money” in your account which you must pay back with interest. Thus they are loan/deposits.) Only the original $100 cash deposit is GCM. One other point. As a loan/deposit gets spent, a deposit in some other bank grows in inverse proportion. Thus the banks have increased the money supply by $900 and not by $1800. That would be double counting. The important points, however, are as follows: this ingenious system is called fractional reserve banking; it creates debt for the sole purpose of enriching the banking class; it is a subtle form of theft; historically it was condemned as a form of usury.

This method of theft operates as the normal course of business. What the banksters do with the money they obtain from debt created money is even more repulsive. All the financial speculative instruments of leveraged trading just compound the heist. So what do these outlaws do with all the money?

The end net result is that they buy, especially at rock bottom prices, all the real assets that the filthy money can purchase. When you think of Wall Street greed, go beyond the usual suspects and focus on the controllers of the assets that are under the hegemony of the central bank. Here lies the reason why the rebellion must remove the engine of enslavement from the landscape for any future financial system of commerce.

Think about who really owns the land, the buildings and the resources in our country. In order to really understand the scope and extent of the economy, the differential between actual Main Street enterprise, that feeds, clothes and shelters the population, is minuscule when compared to the financial assets, both liquid and real property, that is under the command and control of the central bank.

Most individuals do not own property encumbrance free. Most debt is owed to the banksters. The middle class is in a tailspin because the Fed has a zero interest rate policy that effectively diminished your return on capital of your savings to nothing. The same is not true for the banks. The fact that they have in excess of a 2 Trillion Dollars cash hoard on their balance sheets and refuse to lend out money to the general public, demonstrates that the inside money is waiting to pick up even more real assets, when the signal comes for the total collapse.

TARP, QE2 and the Twist are all ploys to enrich the selective banks that are part of the orthodox Fed fraternity. Technically all federal charted banks have an ownership interest in the Fed. Who among us are so naive to think that every bank is equal to the sacredly held corporate interlocking directorates that make and direct monetary policy?

Only when the middle class takes to the streets with a spontaneous civil disobedience commitment that dwarfs the Tea Party movement, will the central banking tyranny be eliminated. All the fraudulent debt that funded the asset acquisitions of crooks must be clawed back. As long as the banksters hide behind the shield of corporation personhood, LLC liability exemption and government guaranteed loans, the ordinary family will continue to be reduced to perpetual and permanent poverty.

What kind of revolution is coming to America? The lesson of the French élan of bloodletting to remove an aristocratic class is not pretty. However, a national discussion needs to concentrate on:

1) Methods of eliminating the Federal Reserve fraud and restoring an honest money system for commerce

2) Repudiation of the corporatist “Free Trade” global business model and a return to a merchant class free enterprise independent domestic economy

3) Confiscation of assets and wealth acquired through illegal systematic RICO style schemes that demand treble damages from their ill-gotten gain

Americans deserve property right protections from the criminal extortion and the cold-blooded offenses that the banksters used, to steal the national wealth. The expanding protest must result in a true restoration of a traditional upwardly mobile society, not an expanded nanny state. The suffocating debt and the profane system that spawned it must end. The term “Citizen” does not apply to elitist plutocrats. If Americans want to stave off a 21st century version, of the Committee of Public Safety, get behind the “Revolt against the Fed”. Tear down the House of Rothschild. This is one time the concept of “Reparations” has standing in a legitimate court of law.

SARTRE – October 9, 2011

"Many seek to become a Syndicated Columnist, while the few strive to be a Vindicated Publisher"
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10-10-2011, 12:51 PM,
RE: Federal Reserve is a Cache of Stolen Assets
[quote='SARTRE' pid='1827' dateline='1318159584']

Great explanation. But only a very few seem to understand that when a nation's currency is created where it must be paid back plus with an interest charged on top of it, that this is a mathematically impossibility to pay back. More money must be continually borrowed as the deducted interest % depletes the original amount created!

Simplistically Down d' Palate

Many economic articles explain our situation well. However, I wonder how many people understand them in picture-perfect terms. I tackled this idea in my 2nd book, 'ENSLAVEMENT 2011?' available on
Basically, anything to do with economics is above many of our heads. Too many have been awarded diplomas of attendance at various schools of learning---thereby falsely being led to believe they know, whereupon they tend to close their eyes & ears to something new!
In reality, they still do not understand percentages and the terms of usury. If they did, we would never have mathematically arrived at where we are today!

I tell it like this: Two men wash ashore on a lonely island. After they have recovered somewhat, while laying on the beach, a cold wet storm begins to build. The lighter colored man turns to his darker skinned companion and says, "we should build a shelter to protect us from the weather." So the darker guy collects material and begins to construct a shelter. The lighter skinned one, thinks up more projects for the other guy to do. After days of this, the darker one wakes early one morning and as the other is still snoring he has some time to think.
"Why am I doing all the work?" he asks when the other finally stirs.
"Because I thought of it," comes the reply.
"But I would have eventually gotten up off the beach and sought protection."
"But, I thought of it first. Think of it as rent you are paying me for my ideas of taking an interest in our well being."
"Oh." And the darker one never brings up the question again. Even as the rent is increased via added work in creating & maintaining a garden, hunting to bring in animal kills, water and all the preparations completing in serving these wonderful goods, the dark one continues with these "payments."

This may sound like an over simplification of our world's situation, but basically this is The Story without the complexity, regulators, codes, insurance, and scale added. The owners of the central banks are represented by this lighter skinned rent collector who likewise washed ashore. The dark guy represents the fewer and fewer producing Sheeple who have never fully realized or simply forgotten the history of how Constitutional asset-backed currency was ended in 1791 by a City of London debt-based token borrowed into existence and extended in 1913 by the Christmas Eve evening passage by only a few Congressmen of the private Federal Reserve Act. And so today, the growing ranks of the non-productive and non-responsible are increasingly rewarded. Something is wrong with this picture? It may not be as it seems, rather: How could this up-side down old Age last this long?

Could it be fear brought on via propaganda of "a coming evil New World Order" that prevents the sheep-like-native Islanders to present a first dinner [a plan of getting off the beach]---like their fore-bearers centuries ago customarily did so the light skinned ones who came ashore were the ones beholden to them? So the tide has turned and today the Sheeple are in
beholden-ment/bondagement/indebtedness via usurious taxes, and rather than go back to trading in assets and trinkets, said Sheeple continue swallowing the growing "austerity measures." Change the words and that always seems to makes the terms more able to go down thee ol' palate!

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