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Death Becomes Us
03-21-2015, 12:23 PM,
Death Becomes Us
By David McElroy
March 21, 2015

 America is in a death spiral, and refusing to openly confront the invaders that have taken our government in a stealthy coup that was guaranteed with the assassination of President Kennedy. Now, in what is obviously the end game, it seems nobody has the temerity to confront the Manchurian Candidate and his fellow travelers now in the White House. 

  It used to be scandals were farther and fewer between. Then, after 911, the pace picked up in the 21st Century. Now we are fatigued by a daily barrage of corruption and treason bigger than we can digest. It is like a storm of golf ball sized hail we just want to get out of. Thanks to the internet, USA inc. has been revealed as a major part of the global criminal syndicate. As it serves only as the untruthful corporate propaganda ministry, the so-called mainstream media is being supplanted by the alternative media, even as the internet is forcing the “lamestream media” to report some portion of the unsavory news. Many have died, or disappeared, trying to bring truth and justice to America… and the world. Some reporters and whistleblowers are living incognito, like some others, always looking to evade the pervasive surveillance in fear of their lives because they attempted to do the right thing in an evil regime. “Telling the truth in a time of universal deceit is a revolutionary act”, as George Orwell said. The year 1984 is well behind us. 

 The days of an internet filled with free exchanges of news, ideas, analysis, and opinion are now obviously numbered. The successful alternative news sites have grown and become commercial cash cows, big sharks swallowing the little fish. They carry aggregators who wish to ride them safely like Remora to lunch, like small newspapers follow the New York Times. As laws and regulations are often named for their opposites, don’t expect the FCC’s Net Neutrality  to protect the independent truth-tellers in cyberspace. 

 The courts are filled with traitors in black robes who openly declare their contempt for the US Constitution, the Founding Fathers and traditional American values, and rule accordingly. Supreme Court judges have openly promoted global law over US law. Their oaths of office mean nothing. Our Bill of Rights has been totally nullified by the Patriot Act, the NDAA, and various other laws and court decisions. A recent ruling stated police no longer need a warrant to enter our homes. We are told we can be spied upon, searched, detained, tortured, or even executed with no due process whatsoever. Our families and friends might never know what happened to us. We just disappear, like in Nazi Germany, Stalin’s Soviet Union, or Mao‘s China. This is the change that Barack Obama had hoped for, a totalitarian socialist government.

 The battle in the District of Criminals is not between being a republic or a democracy, as so many claim, but between America being a fascist or communist dictatorship, and whether the USA will dominate the New World Order. It is the same choice, fraught with decadence, deceit, chaos and fear, that saw Adolf Hitler rise to become der fuehrer of Nazi Germany. Some rationally fear Obama is instigating social chaos as a rubric for martial law to cancel the 2016 elections and become President for Life like Fidel Castro. The riots in Ferguson, Missouri are just one example for alarm. Obama has ordered our borders undefended while he beckons hordes of aliens to enter the country illegally with the promise of more benefits and respect than given legal citizens. Even when such aliens are known to be disease-ridden, dangerous criminals, and murderous gang members. 

 Obama’s administration is doing things at a frantic pace to stifle dissent and close any venues for meaningful political opposition. The IRS is targeting churches and conservative organizations for reasons documented to be politically motivated. Some in Obama’s party of jackasses want to amend the First Amendment to restrict political speech, license those permitted to be journalists or internet bloggers. 

 Many federal officials have refused to testify before Congress when subpoenaed. Attorney General Eric Holder’s Justice Dept. still refuses to answer for the Fast and Furious BATF gun-running scheme to arm Mexican drug cartels and a host of other things. Despite the ample proofs of many crimes, Holder has stated he will not prosecute banks for the huge frauds they have used to rob Americans of billions of dollars, because, Holder says, prosecuting bankers would hurt the economy. It is painfully obvious that we suffer a lack of justice and equity in our legal system, with some “too big to jail”.

 The corruption has gotten so entrenched in our national and state capitols that most of the political criminals don’t even bother to pretend they are honest, representative, or accountable to We the People of America. Obama thumbs his nose at Congress and the Courts, refusing to acknowledge any checks or balances on his powers. Lesser office holders follow his brazen lead in lawlessness.
 We recognize a “pay to play” (in)justice system, while prison labor is a growth industry powered by the poor. And the USA Inc. incarcerates 25% of the world’s prisoners, more than any other nation, while having only 5% of the world’s population. The cheap prison labor generates lots of profits for corporations and palms being greased all along the way.
Call it slavery. The legal system is happy to promote it and share in this profitable system. Of course, outside prison, private enterprise has a difficult time competing with prison slave labor domestically, and slave-wage labor in foreign markets. Hence, the decline and demise of American industry and personal living standards. But governing tyrants, even oligarchs, find it easier to dominate and lead a nation of impoverished, worried, hungry, and fearful people who need to pay the rent and feed their children. 

 A contented, prosperous, well-educated people enjoying safety well-armed in their own homes is the last thing a scheming social engineer of tyranny wants. He promotes danger and fear, scarcity and hunger. He will use false flags as a bullfighter baits steak on the hoof, drawing the bull’s attention to an alarming caper concealing his deadly blade. He has no interest in our having gainful employment or excellent healthcare. He is like the “tar baby” we were warned about in the old and maligned Uncle Remus stories. Don’t touch the tar baby, Br'er Rabbit!

 Like those stories of Uncle Remus, sharing the wisdom of an old cotton-pickin’ slave, many other older books are being maligned and withdrawn from the public and private bookshelves. Aesop's Fables contained much common wisdom handed down through the ages to educate children with entertaining little stories. Such wisdom will not be found in modern children's books, cartoons, or sitcoms! They come from the politically correct! 

 This is also why Christianity and its values are openly mocked and maligned. Much of what passes for “church” is a deliberately misdirected and socially polluted effort to steer people away from Christ’s bold stance for Truth, Justice, and Liberty in God’s Love. The individual, and the family, must be destabilized to allow social engineering to reduce them to the status and behavior of sheep to be milked, fleeced, and reduced to mutton. This is why so much of church teaching is for behavior modification rather than knowing Christ or studying God’s supernatural being and miraculous works. This is why so many pastors dismiss the Holy Bible as archaic, or simply don’t refer to it often in their ministry. This is why the DHS members of Clergy Response Teams are instructed to avoid using the scriptures while they “minister” to people held in FEMA camps. 

 As some say, there is an “endarkenment” falling upon us. We see kids being deliberately dumbed down and confused by public schooling curriculum like Common Core. We see illiteracy becoming normalcy and even catered to with video. I personally have heard some  educators explain it is easier to show a video than teach reading, and so they do. They are twittering away humanity’s future, and great literature is becoming extinct. Revisionist history is the common modus operandi in the sleight of hand brainwashing students, destroying heritage.

 Libraries are closing in the onslaught of electronic media casting the World-Wide Web around us. We can even carry internet access in our pocket, wear it on our wrist, or as some propose, implant it in our head within a cell phone microchip! The prophesied Mark of the Beast is soon to come with the “Cashless Society”. The economic collapse is being engineered to usher this totalitarian socialist control into every area of our lives. But it will be sold as being “convenient”, “secure”, and “efficient”. Just as the loss of books, magazines, and newspapers bring the content and flow of information under the control of huge media corporations amalgamated into the globalist hegemony we call the fascist New World Order, the “Cashless Society” will give the big corporate monopolies total control over every aspect of our lives. Like the old saw goes, “He who does the payin’ does the sayin.’”  When you have no real money in your hands, you don’t have any control of the payin’ for anything. Electronic currencies, like Bitcoin, only serve as Trojan horses acclimating us to giving up control to cyberspace masters. Masters who intend to tell us what we can eat, wear, read and hear, where we can live and where we can travel, what healthcare we receive and who can live and who must die. And they can do all of this by controlling payments. Your number will only be authorized for certain products in certain stores in a certain locality. You will only be allowed to make transactions deemed appropriate for your social assignment. Or the computer simply will not process the transaction. Understand? We must insist on gold and silver money, coins in our pockets! 

 Here’s a hint: Those who have invested in gold and silver will not keep it if they have not also invested in brass and lead! Brass and lead are also being withdrawn from the public, even as scrap. Government is also outlawing the use of fire, which can be used to melt and mold such metals, cook food, or destroy evidence the goon squads seek for the courts of tyranny.

 As Patrick Henry said, “Give me liberty, or give me death!” 

 You might recall a scheming lawyer asking Jesus Christ which of the Ten Commandments was the greatest in law, in Matthew 22:35-40.  Jesus said “ Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.” He summed up saying “On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.” (KJV) This love Christ spoke of is the basis of his Golden Rule. Love entails respect. It is all the law we need. Christ said so. 

 When you look around America, where is the love? 

 I will have no king but Jesus!      

In Christ's love for Truth, Justice, & Liberty for All,
David A. McElroy

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