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Déjà vu - View from the Mount - A Glimmer of Joy
12-28-2014, 07:15 AM, (This post was last modified: 12-28-2014, 07:16 AM by SARTRE.)
Déjà vu - View from the Mount - A Glimmer of Joy

When was the last time Congress provided a twinkle of hope?  The chance that legislators could act in accordance with national interests and individual Bill of Right protection is rare.  Even when pleasantly surprised you know in your heart the joy is temporary.  Yet, relish in the fleeting exhilaration that some lingering remnants of rational judgment and conscience might assert itself.  Sensible immigration legislation and opposition to the renewal of the Patriotic Act all in the same week!  Wow, that’s a Christmas present worth opening . . . 
The Chicago Sun Times reports: “The House legislation, billed as a border protection, anti-terrorism and illegal immigration control act, includes such measures as enlisting military and local law enforcement help in stopping illegal entrants and requiring employers to verify the legal status of their workers. It authorizes the building of a fence along parts of the U.S.-Mexico border.”
Erecting an effective security barrier should be essential policy.  Such a fence is common sense and should be supported by any and all citizens.  But look at the way the Chinese press reports the story.  “Mexican government denounced on Friday a decision by the U.S. Congress to build more fences along the U.S.-Mexican border.  Mexican human rights groups say building the fence along heavily crossed sections of the border does not deter Mexicans from trying to cross illegally, but instead reroutes them to more dangerous areas.”  Can you just imagine the anguish the People's Republic of China would expend over the invasion from a foreign coolie population?  
Levelheaded Americans will dismiss the absurdity in the argument that such a fence would only cause more pain and inconvenience for illegal intruders.  If your sentiments lie with the cause of banana republic banditos, you simple don’t qualify to have your voice heard, the very survival of America is at stake.  Concern over a violation in the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 is misdirected when it comes to securing the borders.  Literally, every other nation exercises their right to exclude a tsunami of foreign invaders.  By what stretch of credulity are we supposed to believe that the United States must somehow be exempt from practical domestic self-interest? 
There is no desire or necessity for a full military deployment at the borders.  The very legitimate protections codified within the Posse Comitatus Act are a direct response to domestic despotism imposed upon dissident citizens who refused to comply with federal mastery over regional interests.  The reality of chaos from porous borders is self-evident.  Illegals have no lawful or moral claim and certainly do not have a right to immigrate into our country.  The means to stop incursions across national boundaries is certainly available, but where is the will to end the multicultural obliteration of our nation?  The House of Representatives raised the stakes.  Will the Senate take up their solemn responsibility to slam the door shut?  The joy of wishful political endeavors usually hit the wall of stark bipartisan treason.  Holiday cheer lasts only until another new year of premeditated destruction. 
Oh Woe Is Me sings the minstrel of the "I Love Rock N Roll" punk rock popular culture – Joan Jett:
What happened to my heroes
They seemed to disappear
The idols keep on singin'
But they don't sound sincere
Oh woe is me, oh woe is me
Is it possible that the U.S. Senate will prove her wrong and become heroes of the American legacy?  In an age where the public is assaulted with the myth of egalitarianism, the veracity of populism continues to offer hope.  The Patriot Act is an abomination upon all that is sacred in the Bill of Rights.  The band of state sponsored Blackhearts that pushed such odious legislation in the hysteria of 911, all bear the responsibility for the eradication of individual civil liberties.  An American citizen has immutable authority over any government tyrant.  Doubt that the autocrats have invented excuses for their brand of music, just listen to the President on his record label.
The reliable Bill Sammon quotes George W. Bush in the Washington Times:
"A minority of senators filibustered to block the renewal of the Patriot Act when it came up for a vote yesterday," Mr. Bush said in a rare live radio address from the Roosevelt Room. "That decision is irresponsible, and it endangers the lives of our citizens.
The senators who are filibustering must stop their delaying tactics, and the Senate must vote to reauthorize the Patriot Act," he added. "In the war on terror, we cannot afford to be without this law for a single moment."
The Patriot Act is not an instrument in a war against terror.  It is a kingpin goal in the states’ “war of terror” against the core principles that made America a beacon of hope in a world of totalitarian dictatorships.   
The New York  Daily News headline - W: We spied on Americans - tells the tale.  Bush defended the eavesdropping by the National Security Agency - without authorization from a judge's search warrant - as crucial to thwarting terror attacks. He blasted those who exposed the activity.  "This is a highly classified program that is crucial to our national security," Bush said in a live, televised appearance, forgoing the routine of his taped, weekly radio address. "This authorization is a vital tool in our war against the terrorists. It is critical to saving American lives."
Pardon me Mr. President, explain then how to reconcile the gulf of destroying the lives of countless native American families with your active promotion of open borders when the flood of immigration posses a far greater threat than imaginary demons that fuel the “War Party” NSA Orwellian Society?  Oceania means you don’t have to cross vast seas to infiltrate our land, all you have to do is walk across the enormous expanse of unguarded borders to enter and destroy using the proven tactic of the ‘Bandito Jihad’ assault.  Oh Woe Is Me, when diversions are used to conceal the onslaught of real divisions from adversaries to our way of life.  
Across the country politicians are hypocrites and cowards.  Only with consistent and constant pressure on legislators can there be any remote possibility that the arrogance of executive excess be tamed, even temporarily.  Keep this kind of filibuster alive.  Senators become heroes.  Put a stop to the idols of Newspeak.  Bring back some sincerity and do your constitutional duty and put an end to the insane notion that open borders are beneficial. They always lead to an operative amnesty.  It is preposterous to safeguard and make our Res Publica - the public thing - the domain for our own citizens, as long as the interloper invasion continues. 
Senators also stand firm, rebuff any compromise on extending the legal cover to remove personal liberty from the national landscape.  Sunset the dreadful Patriot Act!  Let a tragic mistake taken in the throngs of emotional frenzy, rest in peace.  Challenge any attempts to destroy basic fundamental natural rights.  Personal liberty scarified in a false fight against an artificial evil enemy is harebrained.  The real demigods are already walking among us – the architects of open borders and the robbers of Bill of Right protection.
Oh Woe Is Me can be changed into a “Glimmer of Joy” only if the public becomes angry and social misfits.  Reject the phony 'PC' political structure - it must break down.  The only way to implement a traditional and principled social order is to cast off every semblance from governmental distortion of basic individual rights and local community integrity.  Taking satisfaction in seeing that it could be possible to cast off the yoke of oppression points to and demands that bold action is the only course that can end state anarchy under the guise of benevolent security.  Closing down mass immigration is the real patriotism. 
Restoring government accountability and respecting the essential purpose of government - individual liberty - is the best way to represent your constituency. Eliminate the utmost perilous fanatic - social state terrorist - an empire that seeks to rule the world, is your purpose as a Senator.  A rewarding but unlikely wish!  But for now, let us rejoice. Hope can still be kept alive if your ambitions reflect the essence of America.
SARTRE – December 19, 2005
"Many seek to become a Syndicated Columnist, while the few strive to be a Vindicated Publisher"
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