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Food Safety Sneak Attack!
12-21-2010, 03:12 AM,
Food Safety Sneak Attack!
Food Safety Sneak Attack!
The food safety language replaces the Cash for Clunkers language in the amended version of HR 2751. It Passed by Unanimous Consent in the SENATE. It now goes to the all too compliant House of mis-Representatives to be Rubber Stamped. This was done at night, by a voice vote to hide their pitiful names.
Rino's sided with the Marxists to remove your Basic Human Right To Grow Your Own Food.

Nationalization of the food supply was the final tool of tyranny used by the Soviet Union and The "Democratic" Republic of China. Now it comes here to Amerika.
The resulting death toll in the Commie Countries was well over 100 million but no one will ever know the actual number.

The Left Right paradigm is illusion.
Both sides work for the Global Usurpers of Humanity.
For proof one only has to look at Sunday nights passing of the Food Safety Modernization act by UNANIMOUS Vote by the SENATE. BOTH PARTIES Voted FOR denying our right to produce our own food.

Wake up people....
This is NOT Left vs Right.
It is the whole Bankster Owned, Corporate Political Machine vs Humanity!!!

They pass every Fouled up bill that crosses their desk but heaven forbid they should audit the Fed or the Pentagram......

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