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Loony Left and Rabid Right - Common Ground
08-04-2014, 06:18 AM,
Loony Left and Rabid Right - Common Ground

The establishment thrives on creating conditions of chaos. The goal is to train the public to accept that only government or mainstream institutions can offer provisional solutions. Qualified and restricted systems of maintaining order and social stability seldom improves the plight of the average person, but works well at extending the reach and dominance of rigid compliance. Coercion, either overt or passive, channels the necessary behavioral acquiescence. Any political ideology finds itself up against this context. Therefore, promoting division and extreme dislike between groups and among varied political orientations is a key and necessary element in preserving the elitist controlled organism of collective perception.
Reality is much different from the popular version of current events or prominent issues. Yet the typical mortal is unequipped to accept that their worldview is usually a result of psychological indoctrination, peer pressure and mass media distortion. The reason why people act foolishly, often against their own best self-interest, rests upon a deception of deliberate delusion, which permeates every layer of their politically correct society.
Examine the primordial axiom on which the establishment bases their entire authority claim. Their power is legitimate, PERIOD – end of discussion. It really comes down to this elementary assertion. Now for any thinking or rational person, the absurdity of preordained dominion by governments or social organizations begs the contention, that such governances are grounded in divine authority. Such a ridiculous affirmation, especially in an age of Godless virtue and pervasive immorality, illustrates just how manageable people are to the forces of perdition.
The social and political realm operates under a reign of terror that few people are daring enough to admit. The penalty for transgressing, from the accepted establishment mind-set, carries a social misfit label entry in your permanent record. Ostracized from conventional society and becoming a rebel is the essential alternative to serving as an obedient establishment clone. In order to discredit and marginalize such malcontents, the political propagandists want to characterize the "Loony Left" and the "Rabid Right" as so outside the normal and accepted social order that they must be ignored, if not purged from the arena of ideas.
Defining the loony left as bleeding-heart Progressive Democrats and the rabid right as reactionary Tea Party Republicans, simply plays into the hands of the divide and conquer dialect that pervades the false partisan narrative. Anyone who opposes the established order is an enemy of the state. Playing off ideological foes in a ritual of tribal warfare only deflects the combat away from the real enemy of humanity. 

Occupy Wall Street and Tea Party groups share a fundamental and common cause. It is not left or right by nature, but is emphatically Populist in purpose. Yes, Virginia, there are traditional populists; namely, paleo-conservatives. International finance, central banking and debt created money rapes and pillages citizens of every political outlook.
So why do all the "so called" moderate two party monopoly loyalists, government employees or retirees, corporate ladder climbers or clingers all defend the system and relish trashing the loons and the rabid outsiders? Taken for granted, they believe they are good and upstanding subjects of the national regime. Nevertheless, are they sound minded and righteous people when their deeds further the tyranny or their concurrence closes a blind eye to despotism?
At this point, the self-evident reality of a lawless and corrupt society, so well documented that any honest individual must acknowledge the systemic evil run amok in the very fabric of establishment formations, cannot be denied.
Thus, the sincere leftist opposition and the honorable rightist reformers need to share their mutual disgust with the same power structure that is enslaving Americans into an internationalist world of limitless suffering and terminal extinction.
Note just some of the most recent transformational deliberated assaults against the nation.

1. Borders unguarded and open to all comers
2. Bellicose and expanded foreign military deployments
3. Corporatist transnational economic agreements
4. Federal agency scandals and lack of accountability
5. Government spying and communication collection on citizens

These straightforward examples should be of concern to any activist no matter their ideological leanings. Notwithstanding, the cultural climate warming cultists and the NeoCon jingoist factions are so absorbed within their own narrow spheres of interest that both vie for more influence within and over the levers of government, which only serves to expand government’s reach and authoritarianism.
Common ground for all dissenters stares everyone straight in the face, but most refuse to see the vision. Individual liberty is the indispensable ingredient that should bond together every anti-establishment movement. Yet, the parochial shortcomings of single-issue causes limit the relevance of crusades, even if saving the planet is purported to be the motivation. The central umbrella issue always comes down to defeating the ruthlessness of the STATE towards the inherent autonomy of citizens that provides the rightful authority for sovereignty of any legitimate country.
The argument that in order to be a Catholic; a believer must adhere to the pronouncements of the Pope. Well, a Papalist defined as accepting Papal supremacy is just as much in error as an Al Gore "true believer" or a Charles Krauthammer "groupie" spouting or pontificating their respective sacred canons of a Green agenda or an Israel First policy. One can be a genuine Christian and accepting of traditional Catholic doctrine, while opposing the liberation theology of the Jesuit false prophet, Francis the imposter.
Likewise, Liberal Democrats and Conservative Republicans can advance their consistent policy beliefs, while remaining independent and open to legislative cooperation on issues that cry out for faithful constitutional resolutions.
The political common ground for the last several administrations avoided the need for scaling back of authority in the office of the Presidency. Impeachment has become a taboo subject in a political culture that only values the acquisition of more power at the expense of personal freedom and the dignity of life itself.
Who are the actual loony lunatics and rabid dogs, the careerist political operatives or the activist dissenters, who defy the treachery embedded into the entire establishment environment? When a politician decries the radical elements that threaten the county, most of the time, they really mean that they fear a grassroots rebellion against tyrannical abuses from their own government. Rightly, so they should dread a coordinated alliance of both left and right movements who could overcome their intercollegiate rivalries and march together, on the District of Criminals in mass.
Attaining true progress requires the spectrum of ideologies internalize the substance of both, Barry Goldwater’s 1964 GOP acceptance speech - "Let me remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. And let me also remind you that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue", and Martin Luther King’s I have a dream address - "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character".
Well by both of these standards, George W. Bush and Barack Obama fail the test dramatically. Even so, the defenders of their respective administrations perform their Ground Hog Day routine that galls and offends any upstanding causality that lived through their tyrannical crimes.
If this is not reason enough for consolidating around common ground so that the Punxsutawney Phil rodent, AKA POTUS; ducks back into his hole to take cover from an outraged public, our winter of discontent will not just last a half a dozen more weeks, but may well be permanent.
A resurrection of the Occupy movement issue might well congeal around a proposal from a Democrat warrior and FDR admirer, published on LaRouchePAC.

(1) Immediate re-enactment of the Glass-Steagall law instituted by U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, without modification, as to principle of action.
(2) A return to a system of top-down, and thoroughly defined as National Banking.
(3) The purpose of the use of a Federal Credit-system, is to generate high-productivity trends in improvements of employment, with the accompanying intention, to increase the physical-economic productivity, and the standard of living of the persons and households of the United States.
(4) "Adopt a Fusion-Driver ‘Crash Program."

The taxation issue could rally around the Tea Party Patriot advocacy of a Fair Tax.

The fair tax replaces the IRS with a consumption based collection agency, and specifically prohibits income taxation at the federal legislative level. It institutes a national sales tax on all first-hand items. Critics accuse this of being regressive, so its proponents have included a monthly reimbursement check from the federal government to all households equivalent to assessed poverty rate consumption levels. It also exempts all second-hand items (say, a used car) from the tax.

Critics of each approach will stampede over one another to kill a serious debate on methods of retooling. The final common ground must emerge through meaningful dialogue. Leadership will not come from the crazed establishment gatekeepers. A little dash of loony dreams tempered with a bunch of traditional realism just might be the combination to dismantle the barricades of Totalitarian Collectivism.
SARTRE – August 4, 2014
"Many seek to become a Syndicated Columnist, while the few strive to be a Vindicated Publisher"
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