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This is my take on Africa and Africans
06-21-2011, 06:21 AM, (This post was last modified: 08-01-2011, 07:07 PM by Martin Timothy.)
This is my take on Africa and Africans"]BBC News | AFRICA | The bitter taste of slavery

[Image: idvvtA.jpg]

Quote:BBC documentary: In Africa the slaves and the slave holders are Africans doin’ their thing in the African way, truculence is rewarded with floggings, and persistent recalcitrance meant one soul was led into the jungle never to be seen again, presumably sold to cannibals.

[Image: 64314b2b6516.jpg]

The inter tribal genocide in Rwanda and the on going tribal bloodshed in Kenya... There the differences which are too trivial to be noticed in broader society are the basis for bloodletting that appears to be the African way.

In those countries tribal hordes descend on the next tribe’s villages and slaughter them with a ferocity that similarly describes the African way, ancient animosities and supposed wrongs are put right in an orgy of death.

Then as the tide of warfare turns the enormities of the latter day, harbored in resentment are brought to the fore, and again the Earth is soaked in blood shed by incensed African tribesmen claiming ancient wrong.

Quote:There is no reciprocity at all. None whatsoever. Whether its the Sharptons, the Jesse Jacksons, or the OJ Simpsons you name it, they are all openly racist against whites or others and completely shameless about it .. When you see the Mugabes and the Mbeki's and all the others in Africa, there is genocidal hatred and not much else.” Prophetic

[Image: 154a044c8e8c.jpg]

Quote:Looky what I found on the Moorman Polaroid taken at the assassination scene - There's Martin Luther and Coretta King, at left screen behind the picket fence!

[Image: iduVLI.jpg]
Martin Luther King sharing a joke in the home of the man he and his wife murdered!

[Image: 600cafdc297c.jpg] ..

Quote:[Image: ibeIZA.jpg]

The happiest Afro's I ever saw had just murdered a white farmer in Zimbabwe, his body lay under a blanket a small dog was nuzzling the dead body, the happy African woman and some long tall dood, were trashing the farm next door, the white farmer was cradling his head as the blacks tore the place apart.

[Image: abortion.jpg]

Quote:Abortion has devastated white populations in Canada, The US, Europe and Australia, immigrants whose allegiance is not to the host nation, but to the foreign culture from which they came, have been brought into those same abortion devastated countries to make up the numbers.

I got a real problem with this, a statistic which talks of half a half million dead then says, if these were half a million blacks no one would say anything, but since they were white Kosovars.” D Waters PBL, and this “…the current genocide being waged against black Americans.” David Penner

I propose to prosecute abortion and abortionists under the capital provisions of Islamic law, thus anticipating an amount of executions commensurate with the number of abortions. The deaths of black children are gonna be prosecuted with the same vigor as with everyone else… I want to assure you D Waters, and you David Penner of that.

New Orleans in 2006 or so a white woman was shot dead by black cops while standing on the freeway ramp speaking to her husband on a cell phone, her car had been hijacked by an African gangster, who was escaping a gun battle with another group of Africans. The African cops in New Orleans turned up and shot her dead, one leader of the New Orleans’ African community said the only reason that there was a fuss was because she was white.

[Image: f3d8262ddf9b.jpg]

Quote:American Mercenary Captured By Russians: Paul Joseph Watson Prison Planet Monday, August 11, 2008 .. An American mercenary has been captured by Russian forces along with a number of Georgian soldiers. According to a report from the Russian news website Izvestia, providing more evidence that the U.S. and NATO are covertly supporting the Georgian army in a proxy war with Russia.

According to the report, the mercenary is an African-American who is a NATO instructor and an ordinance specialist. He has now been transferred to the Russian base of Vladikavkaz. The story also backs up previous reports of dead black Americans having been found in Tskhinvali, the capital city of South Ossetia.

Africans that appear to be under military discipline have infiltrated Australia, one in a group of about five seemed to be in an officer sergeant relationship with another in the group .. Check the black US mercenary captured in Ossetia, they are gonna set the blacks onto the whites, they are going to do to white America just what the Blackwater mercenaries are doing to the Ossetians.

With no concept of the ways of organized labor, they work for a lot less money than the unionized workforce demands, thus destabilizing the labor market, then rely on the fiction that they are a poor oppressed minority, who are forced into doing tasks that are spurned by the wider and whiter community .. When in fact all they are is scabs, white people do those jobs, they demand proper wages for their labor however.

Quote:Somali Tribesmen poised to strike white America

Check the Canadian statistics, abortion has altered the demographics in that country to the extent that two hundred thousand Somali immigrants are now resident there. Then have another look at the internment camps that have been built right across the US. Consider the spectacle of the Somali’s allying themselves with the African populations of North America, unhappy and antisocial citizens whose ancestors were granted refuge in North America in the eighteenth century.

[Image: d239950600f2.jpg]

Witness the testimony of the King of Dahomey who ruled much of the Congo basin, who assumed the throne of that nation at age eighteen in about 1822, and who died the same day as Queen Victoria in 1901, making him one of the longest ruling monarchs in history.

The only interview he ever granted was to Henry Morton Stanley in 1870, he assured Stanley that every person over four years of age within the entire Congo basin, regularly ate human flesh, social infractions of any kind, hooliganism or indeed casting ones eyes upon the King guaranteed a one way trip to the town butcher.

The victims were auctioned in the marketplaces a piece at a time, thus a customer would purchase a leg for instance, or a hand, or the liver and would receive a token, when the whole body was sold the victim would be dispatched and the tokens exchanged for his body parts.

It was the refugees from cannibalism that made up the bulk of African immigration into America, all a ship had to do was anchor anywhere in the Congo delta, and they would swarm aboard, a situation that continues to this day, when a fancy was to hit the block foreigners attended the auctions.

For in an act of mercy the King had decreed that should a foreign purchaser outbid everyone else, and guarantee that the felon was definitely, under pain of immediate death going to be leaving the country permanently, those who wanted to could go to the butchers market and bid.

[Image: ibecti.jpg]

The first phase was to bring several hundred thousand black Somalis into the US and Canada, to fill the void caused by the decimation of the white population in state sponsored abortion houses, next "they" - the Zionists who have infiltrated the US social order - wage unjust and terrible war against Somalia in the name of the War on Terror.

In the next phase the US attacks Iran, the Iranians nuke the US Fleets, Unohu gets murdered - murked in nigger slang - the blacks use that as an excuse to go on the rampage, and a couple of hundred battalions of Somali tribesmen rampage thru rural North America. While the African Americans rampage thru the cities, like they did in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, slaughtering the whites in a frenzy of destruction.


Quote:Anybody who thinks that I am a racist should know that I am not, indeed many of my best girlfriends have been black, in matters of love a stiff xxxx is the best bridge between the races, that’s what I have found anyways.

Nineties I go into a pub in Brisbane Australia, there is an African chick behind the bar, I tell her that I am the only man that refused to be a scab on three union jobs, and that trade unionists had been murdered, and that a Sunday newspaper had labeled me a union grass after I went to the police regarding threats and the murder of union members.

She turned on me in a big way I hear a voice say, Strike one, I stop at the intersection while an African lady crosses the street a toothy twenty four carat smile etc, she scowled, I head the same voice say Strikke two, on my way to the gym I had been taking the 9.30 am fitness class for a couple weeks.

I was feeling good and kindly disposed, an African lady had been on the bus stop for a couple days running, I smile and by God she scowled, the same voice says, Strikkke three, and Niggerians are out of my vision from that day to this, in a cross road situation for instance, they stay as black shapes in my peripheral vision, the ones I see on TV and on the internet make me wanna puke.

See black actors in these blockbusters

Quote:Boy Got New Shoes: Black boy eighteen years or so hurrying thru evening shoppers clutching a pair of used sneakers, he had taken them from the body of a sleeping white man aged twenty one, he and his companion had attacked and killed, he was not charged his companion got two years.

Race Not Color: 1999 Black youth fourteen years or so going thru prone motionless man’s pockets under city lights, fifteen black teenage tribesmen and girls attacked and battered to death Hoera Te Kooti aged sixty one, he was on his way home from the pub, one charged no conviction, he was of the sea faring Moldi people of New Zealand .. I am for hangin' the whole fifteen alongside the judges, politicians, police and lawyers who let them walk free!

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