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06-24-2014, 04:42 PM,
~~A PART OF HISTORY OUR PEOPLE IN GOVERNMENT NEVER LEARNEDIt’s a tragedy that we are involved in Middle East wars from which we find it literally impossible to untangle ourselves. Our Founding Fathers made it quite clear that America should avoid foreign entanglements. It is doubtful that the Founders had the Middle East in mind. Yet, they apparently knew something that, 250 years later, we have yet to learn: when you interfere in another nation’s troubles you become part of their troubles, and extricating yourself becomes all but impossible.This, in today’s world, is bad enough. But the history lesson we haven’t yet learned goes far beyond that. On a much deeper level we are ignorant of ancient history. And because we are, America is suffering for itMichael Crowley of Time Magazine tells us what few of us seem to know or understand. He says, “At this ancient crossroads of the human drama, the U.S.’s failure echoes earlier failures by the European powers. The civil war of Muslim against Muslim, brother against brother, plays out in the region that gave us Cain and Abel. George W. Bush spoke of the spirit of liberty, and Obama invokes the spirit of cooperation. Both speak to something powerful in the modern heart, but neither man, nor America itself, fully appreciated until now the continuing reign of much older spirits: hate, greed and tribalism. Those spirits are loosed again, and the whole world will pay the price.”What apparently has eluded Washington (or been ignored) is that tribal wars in the Middle East have been going on, non-stop, since 655 A.D.  Anyone knowing ancient history might assume that our foreign policy would absolutely rule out ever getting mixed up in this eternal hellhole.Problem is, our view of history never seems to go further back than the creation of America. It’s as if ancient history never existed and therefore doesn’t matter to us. That stunted mindset has cost hundreds of thousands of American and Middle East deaths, and cost us 9-plus trillions of dollars. And counting.
Somehow we have never learned that parts of Middle East have for centuries been an eternal hotbed of death, destruction and unspeakable atrocities. Maybe, someday, if we open our history books and read about what has been transpiring in that area for at least four centuries we will smarten up, take our Founders advice, and stay the hell out of that small, inflammatory section of the world. It ignores commonsense to do otherwise.

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