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British Govt. Stages "Moslem" Responses to Terrorist Attacks
05-25-2019, 12:16 AM, (This post was last modified: 05-25-2019, 12:21 AM by Martin Timothy.)
British Govt. Stages "Moslem" Responses to Terrorist Attacks
[Image: 81tr.jpg]

Quote:The British government staged the "Muslim" response to the 2017 Islamic London Bridge terrorist attack all the way down to the hashtags pushed on social media so that the public would focus on a "sense of unity with strangers" rather than "reacting with violence or anger," according to a bombshell new report from the London-based Middle East Eye.

[Image: 81ts.jpg]
CNN Stages Fake Moslem Protest.

Quote:After the 2017 attack at the London Bridge, video went viral showing police guiding a group of Muslims before the media's TV cameras as they presented slick signs saying "#TurnToLove," "#LoveWillWin," "#ISISWillLose," and so on, most people thought it was evidence CNN staged the incident .. as it turns out it was staged by the UK Government itself -- and it wasn't the first time.

[Image: 81tu.jpg]
"Controlled Spontaneity," How Western Governments Plan For the Aftermath of Terrorist Attacks.

Quote:Watch Ian Cobain of the Middle East Eye explain how the scam is run. In operations that contingency planners term “controlled spontaneity”, politicians’ statements, vigils and inter-faith events are also negotiated and planned in readiness for any terrorist attack. The campaigns have been deployed during every terrorist incident in recent years including the 2017 London Bridge attack..

And the Finsbury Park mosque attack. Within hours of an attack other campaigns are swiftly organised with I “heart” posters being designed and distributed, according to the location of the attack and plans drawn up for people to hand out flowers at the scene of the crime, in apparently unprompted gestures of love and support.

[Image: 81tx.jpg]
This Rally in the Aftermath of the 2017 London Bridge Attack Was Staged by the British Government.

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