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Is it FAIR to Tax the Rich out of Business?
11-28-2012, 06:16 PM,
RE: Is it FAIR to Tax the Rich out of Business?
In answer to this question, "Is it FAIR to Tax the Rich out of business?", I reply. This is OUR business matter! I ask, is it FAIR to make the lower and middle classes pay for that which they had no part in deciding...or do not even want? Who decides?

It used to be said in America that "He who does the payin' does the sayin'" in handling business. We all know that old wisdom no longer is applied in handling our government's business.

Those people influencing the conduct of our nation's business, who dispatch hordes of lobbyists and lawyers bearing gifts, bribes, intelligence and threats, to legislators and officers in the halls of government are the extremely rich people, billionaires. They do the sayin', write the laws Congress rubberstamps in huge omnibus bills some congressmen admitted they don't even read! The average voter has no voice, no influence, with a congressman or senator. Their votes are bought by the rich through corporate proxies shielding them.

Then, they use the canard that because there are so many millions more of us average folks receiving government "services", we should pay the lion's share of the bills. It matters not that we average folks loudly rejected the government programs foisted upon us, we must pay!

We are forced to pay for that in which we had no say. We did not conduct the transaction, but are forced to pay the bill! And it is the chains of our own slavery we are making payments for, consigned to Uncle Sam's tyranny under a psychotic oligarchy.

If the rich do not want to pay the bills for government programs, they should stop getting them enacted in the District of Criminals! It is proper that "He who does the payin' does the sayin'", and if the rich are doing the sayin', they should be payin'! We the People must SECEDE from the pirates who stand so proudly under the Skull & Bones flying from the mast of that ship of state on the Potomac!

And when the government speaks of "taxing the rich", they really set out to rob the upper middle class, the "mere millionaires" in this age of the devalued dollar, who might, as a class, offer some real economic or political resistance to the truly and extremely rich oligarchs.

As we are defrauded, we should stop payin' for what we are not sayin'! We must SECEDE TO SUCCEED, depart the duplicitous evil!


David McElroy
BATR Forum Featured Writer
In Christ's love for Truth, Justice, & Liberty for All,
David A. McElroy

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