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Boomeranging Your Own Business
03-20-2012, 09:32 AM,
Boomeranging Your Own Business

In discussing the phenomena of boomerang children where young adults return to live with their parents, the hosts of the WMAL morning show conducted the discussion as if the trend was disgusting and shameful.

It was even asked if those engaged in the practice ought to be embarrassed.
Did this particular program take a similar tone discussing the Flukeys out having so much sex that they demand that birth control be provided for them at public expense?

Has it been asked on this station if those having children outside of marriage ought to be embarrassed or the increasing number shacking-up without sanction of matrimony?

These practices are condemned from the pages of Scripture and religious tradition.
On the other hand, provided the young adults are not abusing their parents or on the public dole as a result of their own indolence, the pages of Holy Writ are quite silent regarding young adults that decide to live with their parents.

The Hebrew Patriarchs such as Isaac lived with their parents well into their adulthoods.

Interesting, when it happens to be regular Americans that are usually White in terms of their ethnic backgrounds and genetic phenotypes that live together as extended family it is apparently a living arrangement one step above cultic or abusive in terms of social condemnation.

However, if nearly entire Central American villages pile into single family domiciles, one is denounced as racist or jingoistic if one reacts with anything other than fawning praise of how beautifully family oriented and delightfully communal for a practice that essentially drags down property values and makes neighborhoods less desirable places in which to live.

by Frederick Meekins


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