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How Donald Trump Can Win In A Landslide - Zero Hedge - 08-11-2016

How Donald Trump Can Win In A Landslide

<p><em><a href="">Via Bionic Mosquito blog,</a></em></p>
<p>I have worked with and for people like Donald Trump.</p>
<p>You see, such people have<strong> minds that move very fast through mountains of information and are satisfied if they capture about the most relevant 20% of the key points that convey 80% of the story</strong>.&nbsp; They then have no problem telling you how much they know about the subject, while messing up on the 80% of the points that tell only 20% of the story.</p>
<p><strong>Their minds can move faster than their mouths at times;</strong> while delivering a message to an audience, they might forget about the specific angle that should be taken with that audience &ndash; not that the message is different, but that different points need be emphasized or minimized.</p>
<p>They will move to tangential subjects if asked &ndash; even if not as prepared on these; they do this for all of the aforementioned reasons, plus they believe they are the smartest person in the room.</p>
<p>Such people can be great successes at business &ndash; the most successful people focus on the 20% that give 80% of the value;<strong> handling the rest is why they hire others.</strong></p>
<p>My advice to such people is always: <u><em><strong>stay on point.</strong></em></u>&nbsp; If Trump sticks to the following points, he will win the election and win it in a landslide.&nbsp; In each case, <strong>Trump&rsquo;s message &ndash; when he stays on point &ndash; resonates with many Americans.</strong></p>
<blockquote><div class="quote_start"><div></div></div><div class="quote_end"><div></div></div><h3>War and Foreign Intervention</h3>
<p>Trump has the perfect candidate to run against on this issue, as he not only has Hillary&rsquo;s record to attack but also Bill&rsquo;s.&nbsp; Bill began the road of expanding NATO and closing in on Russia; Bill used NATO as an offensive force in Yugoslavia.&nbsp; Hillary, meanwhile, has yet to meet an intervention she didn&rsquo;t like.</p>
<p>Press Hillary on Russia; press her on where her road leads; paint the picture of the folly of placing the safety of the United States at the whim of or in defense of Turkey or some Baltic country.&nbsp;</p>
<p>Do not back off; do not give half-hearted answers: even if Latvia pays its share, are the people of the United States ready to risk a ground war or even nuclear war in defense of Riga?&nbsp; Is there any reason on earth for the United States to risk nuclear war over Crimea or Donbass?</p>
<p>An unequivocal &ldquo;NO&rdquo; in answer to such questions will gain and keep many votes &ndash; including from many democrats and independents.</p>
<h3>Trade Deals</h3>
<p>Plenty of voters and previously non-voters are sick of these.&nbsp; They see them for what they are: impossibly complicated treaties that ensure only the largest and most connected companies can sell and compete overseas while in exchange allowing for the import of foreign goods in a favored manner for the benefit of those same largest and most connected companies.</p>
<h3>Bailing out Wall Street</h3>
<p>Come out strongly against the actions of the Treasury and the Federal Reserve, especially during 2007 &ndash; 2009 but also continuing.&nbsp; Hit on the point that these have maintained and improved the wealth of the 1% while doing nothing for or even destroying the wealth and livelihoods of the 99%.</p>
<p>This is obvious to the 99% - they just want to hear someone pound on the message and state clearly how he will act differently.</p>
<h3>Hillary &amp; Bill Corruption</h3>
<p>Talk about a target rich environment!&nbsp; I need not expand.</p>
<p>In each case, Trump can paint a picture diametrically opposite to where Hillary stands.&nbsp; In each case, this picture is attractive to a majority of likely and potential voters.</p>
<p><em><strong>Donald &ndash; just stay on point.</strong></em></p>

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