Full Version: Labor in America Does Not Pay
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Labor in America Does Not Pay

Labor in America Does Not Pay

Working used to be a proud expression of manhood. Since the days of “Rosie the Riveter”, mothers and daughters joined the work force in mass. Building infrastructure, developing commercial enterprises and producing an endless assembly line of goods led to the greatest expansion of the middle class in American history. In a mere fifty years of planned and coordinated downsizing and out sourcing, the only outcome from honest work is the sweat from your brow. Folks still expend energy and labor at tasks, but few earn a living wage from engaging in industry or commerce. <br><br><img src=";_nc_hash=AQA6H-dqwjsrZtyQ"><br>BREAKING ALL THE RULES, BATR, Strappado Wrack, SARTRE Commentary,

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