Full Version: Mars Rover Image May 2019 - 3d Object With Square Indent & Human Skulls??
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Frothy post=329087 Wrote:[Image: 82k0.jpg]

I've  zoomed in even further, check out the background.
Quote:I take that to mean you have discerned the object is part of a larger structure which discounting pixelation is revealed in the enlargement..

[Image: c00.jpg]

Quote:You could be right .. the background to the Metal Bracket & Flange from Opportunity Sol 4689 above when processed with computer image enhancement software, resolves into a mass of machinery which to my eye bears certain resemblance to the pumping systems one might encounter in an oil refinery.

[Image: 62d4.jpg]

Quote:Terry Stokely @ MAA who posted the Mars Snake from Op Sol 3063 onto YouTube says he can see "machinery" as well .. I found it more difficult to discern particularly in the enlargement, though sometimes I get his drift when viewing the thumbnail insert .. we all know you "get nuthin' for nuthin" you have to put in effort for this stuff, thanx for the reply Smile