Full Version: Stone Axe on Planet Mars, Curiosity Rover Sol 2218 Returned Nov. 2, 2018
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[Image: 6mst.jpg]

Quote:Square chisel marks identify a stone axe in this image by the Curiosity Mars Rover Sol 2218, returned November 2, 2018.
[Image: 6o87.jpg]

Quote:Another stone axe on planet Mars by the Curiosity Rover Sol 2223, returned Nov. 6, 2018 .. the square indentation visible upper left in the insert appears to be surrounded by a ring of material and could be part of a manufactured object.
[Image: c4b0da3a8d.jpeg]

Quote:Update: Upon closer inspection the article located on Sol 2223 in question is found to be a rock, the other one still looks ok Smile